Founder of new concept ‘Creative Feng Shui’ spreads message globally as book goes bestseller

Sarah Stone, 41, an intentional living expert and the Founder of Creative Feng Shui®, is celebrating this week, having become a global bestselling author on Amazon book charts after the release of her book ‘Live What You Love’ became a bestseller within hours of its release flying straight in at Number 1 in many categories; including being Number 1 in Feng Shui and also in Interior Design, overtaking cleaning Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch and Hygge writer Meik Wiking.

Many celebrities have harnessed and embraced the power of the ancient art of Feng Shui, including; Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Bill Gates, Richard Branson… and many more. Having been on her own journey of discovery, Sarah is now on a mission through her book to help others who might not have tapped into something like Feng Shui, to master this powerful way of intentional living and help supercharge their ability to live lives they love – creating powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business.

Sarah is based between New York and Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom with an international portfolio of clientele, she is bringing the ancient art into the modern day. Having trained with The Secret’s Marie Diamond and Dr Joe Vitale, Sarah has blended these teachings and other schools of thought on Feng Shui with her own insights and creative approach to intensify its power, particularly for fellow entrepreneurs. Guiding them on how to harness the power of living with intention, she helps her clients around the world create powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business – giving Feng Shui a whole new purpose.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey started over 13 years ago, when she built up her hobby of photography into a hugely successful business where she had her photos feature in global media titles, she won several awards, travelled the world and attracted celebrity clients. Sarah quickly become one of the best ‘go-to’ Creative Entrepreneurs in the UK and created a number of innovative businesses offerings and Sarah went on to be a co-founder of the Female Success Network, supporting other women to achieve their versions of success.

Learning how to create a better life is something Sarah has always been passionate about and it took the milestone of turning 40 for Sarah to join the dots and make her realise her own true purpose. Sarah said: “Prior to this, for many years it felt like I was constantly searching for the missing piece of the puzzle, seeking fulfilment in trying new things, launching new things and helping others build their aspirational life and business. The problem? I was so busy prioritising everyone else and doing everything for everyone else, I forgot about my own dreams. I had no boundaries. No vision, no goals and I started to completely neglect myself in more ways than one. I was basically telling the Universe that I didn’t matter so ‘go ahead and prioritise everyone else’.”

Alongside her expert advice and top tips, Sarah also bares-all within her book, bravely sharing her own struggles with anxiety and burnout. Over a period of time Sarah’s health deteriorated, and she was feeling exhausted, lost, alone, sad and broken. Burnout set in, the panic attacks started, and she found herself withdrawing more and more. Sarah continues; “My confidence was at an all-time low and it took hitting rock bottom to realise that I was destined for bigger things and definitely made for more than THIS. Something had to change. I had lost my sparkle and I didn’t have an ounce of happiness within me and that’s hard to admit.” Sarah turned to her trusted inner circle of professionals, business colleagues and friends to call upon and it’s thanks to these friendships and loving relationships, along with the unconditional support from her husband Andy, which helped pull her through the lowest point in her life.

Sarah had a couple of epiphany moments, the first being when her friend Nichola Sproson, a spiritual healer and expert in intuitive alignment intervened and took her to one of the most spiritual sites in the UK to help her rebalance her energy, spending the weekend focusing on cleansing negative energy, healing the past and creating positive vibrations.

The second was whilst working as a photographer at an event for entrepreneurs, Destined For Bigger Things’ organised by Positive Psychologist Kezia Luckett, Sarah experienced the teachings of the globally renowned Feng Shui Master Teacher and the well-known star of the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret”, Marie Diamond, who was keynote speaker. In this intimate setting, Sarah was given an insight into the world of energy and Feng Shui and was hooked. Sarah explains; “This was my missing piece of the puzzle. I was destined for bigger things and Feng Shui was to play a major part in the next phase of my business and personal development.”

Every day following that special weekend saw Sarah learning Feng Shui guided by The Secret’s Marie Diamond and Dr Joe Vital and other industry experts, implementing Feng Shui, teaching Feng Shui and living Feng Shui. However, Sarah was still questioning if this was right, she said; “I had just completed my certification in Feng Shui and was questioning (doubting) myself, ‘can I really do this, am I on the right track, show me show…’ and in that very moment as my husband and I walked along the same beach we visited every week, our eyes homed in on a large coin, sparkling in the sand, proudly waiting for us to pick it up. Our reaction was ‘WOW’. There is no doubt that this was a message, specifically at the time I needed to hear it. The coin was a Chinese Laughing Buddha with symbols on the back. When we researched it further, the coin is known to bring good luck, contentment and abundance into one’s life. It depicts plenitude of whatever one wishes for – be it wealth, happiness or satisfaction.” This coin was the reassurance Sarah needed to pursue her new-found path of creating Creative Feng Shui.

Blending age-old science, with modern teachings and her own experiences Sarah is making an ancient art accessible and better still exciting, to a new generation. Creative Feng Shui is a completely new modality. It combines the ancient tradition of Feng Shui, law of attraction and energy flow with the modern art of intentional living – making this proven art form accessible, useful and enjoyable for the modern age. Sarah said; “One of my favourite things about Creative Feng Shui® is that it’s SO MUCH MORE than placement of ‘things’ in your home… It’s about creating balance, restoring positive flow and alleviating stressful environments. It’s about attracting the feeling of calm so that you can think better, breathe more, be more conscious of your environment, be more productive, present and so much more. Most of all, it’s about being more intentional about what you want to bring more of into your life, home, relationships and business.”

Sarah is passionate about raising awareness that you can have the best relationships, live in a lovely house, run a 7-figure business, have access to the best coaches / mentors and be the go-to expert, BUT, if you’re living in chaos and drama – you will always be blocked in some capacity. She is now on a mission to empower, inspire and show how Creative Feng Shui can cultivate family flow, prosperous homes, productive businesses and healthy personal and professional lives.

Sarah has been referred to, many times, as ‘the best kept secret in town’ and ‘The Marie Kondo of the business world’ working closely and confidentially to fuel the success of highly acclaimed businesses owners, high achievers and celebrities. Recent successes include clients attracting invitations to Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, and celebrating £50K + week’s in their business.

Sarah said: ” To those who have felt a little lost on their pursuit of success in life, love, business and more… You are not alone, everything you need is within you. You just need to find your way… and hopefully this book will be the starting point.”

“I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge in my book and hope that it helps readers across the world to master powerful intentional living and help supercharge their ability to live lives they love. I want to help others live with more intention, helping bring love back into everything they do and have an awareness of their surroundings so that they can harness the energy of their surroundings to become a magnet for their wildest desires.”

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