HOMETAINMENT Launches New Reset & Recharge Experiences for 2023

Premium hospitality and entertainment platform, HOMETAINMENT has announced the launch of its new ‘Rest & Recharge’ category on hometainment.com. The category contains a range of new experiences aimed at those wishing to kick-start the new year feeling fresh, energised and invigorated as we enter 2023.

From candle making, an ice bath to visioning and crystal reading, the new category has something for everyone looking to start the new year afresh and learn a new skill.

Candle making

From £150

Learn how to make your own scent profile and candle in your own HOME in the candle making masterclass. The class will last an hour and a half and by the end you will have your own scented candle, tweaked to your personal preferences!

Closet Audit

From £175.00

The closet audit helps you tackle the monster of your overly full cupboards head-on by giving you all the tips and tricks of how a wardrobe detox should be done. You’ll be shown folding techniques, what to keep, what to sell or donate and how best to visualise your wardrobe so you can use its full potential sustainably, rather than seeking to buy new pieces.

Crystals workshop

From £300

A selection of crystals will be brought into your home for you to touch, feel and experience and you will be given the chance to intuitively choose your own crystal to keep and enjoy the healing benefits of.

Full Day or Half Day Closet Detox

From £650 for a full day and £350 for a half day

The full-day session is your stepping stone in revolutionising your wardrobe, sustainably. The Wardrobe Detox will help you go through items to make Yes/No/Maybe piles. Once clear on items that are staying, everything will be systematically reorganised back into your wardrobe. At the end of your session, the HOMEtainers will take your No pile and allocate items to either donate or resell. They will do all the work in reselling your items and you will receive regular updates on the progress of the sales. Their commission structure is as below:

-50% on all high street pieces
-35% on all other items
-25% of premium handbags (Hermes, Chanel)

Wim Hoff Ice bath

From £250

Ice therapy is one of the most profound, fast and effective ways to detox, release inflammation and improve circulation, giving the nervous and immune system a welcome boost. During this fun, communal session, you will warm up with breathing techniques ‘Wim Hoff’ style before heading into the cold with guided mindset focus. A great natural way to treat depression and anxiety, some of the most prolific benefits aren’t ones you’ll see, but rather feel —such as feeling more energised and attuned to your innate power. Buyers of this experience will need space for an inflatable bath and our HOMEtainer will bring collapsible buckets to fill with water, and ice will be delivered separately. You can also opt to take this experience outside, in your garden or on a patio.

Kombucha Masterclass

From £200

HOMEtainer and professional chef Alice will cover all your fermentation questions – flavouring, first and second fermentation, carbonation and SCOBYS. Plus, you’ll leave with your own starter kit to make your own kombucha so you can impress your guests at your next cocktail party. You’ll also taste a few different flavours and Alice will teach you how to make some delicious kombucha cocktails.

This class caters for 4 people but additional guests may be added at an extra cost.

Mindfulness and Natural Wine Tasting

From £200

Natalie curates a selection of organic & natural wines, (Natural wines are low in preservatives with limited chemical or mechanical intervention and more akin to biodynamic lunar farming methods. Making it the perfect pair to deepen a healthier relationship and appreciation for wine). A lot of people at first, don’t enjoy the taste of natural wine as they sometimes are more cloudy or fizzy, though once you experience how to drink and appreciate the wine. You’ll engage in a completely new experience.

One-to-one Oracle Readings

From £225

Whilst tarot is one to one, Nikki will bring a variety of decks including Spirit animal, Shamanic, angels and Oracle which give the opportunity for options which you may be particularly drawn to as they all speak to us in different ways.
Perfect with a few mocktails and sometimes deeply moving this experience is bespoke and enlightening and limited to 10 people for a full day depending on chosen length of individual sessions.

Plant based feast

From £160

Alice brings all the equipment and ingredients as well as doing all the cleaning and tidying so all you have to do is enjoy the delicious three-course vegetarian feast. Not a vegetarian? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t book this experience, Alice’s plant-based feast is perfect for everyone and you won’t feel like you’re missing out at all!

Raw Food Dinner

From £120 per guest

Book Mickael, a private chef to create a three-course meal that consists entirely of raw food which is unprocessed and produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, solvents or food additives.

The raw food dinner is adaptable to all types of diet including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten free etc.

Visioning 23

From £270

Visioning 23 is an immersive experience of self discovery, a safe space to find meaning and with intention (and some good music) relax and prepare to lay down your abstract ideas, dreams and goals using images, words, smells that evoke positive emotions onto the blank space waiting for your future.

The vision board is not a new concept but there is an art to understanding the practice of a deeper internal connection and the concept of co-creation where the simple act of playfully sticking images on a board hold a massive potential for change and renewal in the everyday.

Homemade ‘Reset Tonics’ Masterclass

From £150

Would you like to learn how to make your own herbal remedies to keep you healthy over winter? Make your first 30 days of the new year matter. Learn the art of making herbal tonics to have as your ally, to nourish you, to feel peace, recharge, relax and protect your immune system. The session will cover:

An introduction to a number of herbs that support our immune system and help to remedy illness when we fall sick, balance nerves, sleep and make you feel good.

For more information, visit https://www.hometainment.com/


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