Ex-Model Turned Divine Channel Launches New Wellness Platform To Help Others Become Free From Past Trauma and Generational Chains

Author of ‘The Truth of Trauma’, Divine Channel, Spiritual Life Coach and Quantum Reiki Master, Yuossima Dineen, 31 originally from Surrey and now based in Northern Ireland, is a determined, resilient and impassioned entrepreneur who is now offering alternative wellness, after her life nearly took a very different turn.

With a childhood steeped in trauma, escapism and addictions and adulthood seeing her navigate divorce, a cancer scare and being sent to a psychiatric ward, you could be forgiven for thinking this ex-model who failed to pursue her career further due to severe bullying and a suicide attempt would have a downtrodden take of life. You couldn’t be more wrong. She is a beacon of light, shining it for others, launching her own holistic company so that more people can free themselves of past trauma and generational chains so they can live a life they love.

Having embraced a holistic lifestyle, Yuossima is now a woman at peace, in love with her new found freedom after creating a life of fulfillment and purpose based on her own terms.

While on her journey of self-discovery, Yuossima grappled with her own uniqueness, until she ultimately discovered the truth that she thrives on being different. Embracing her individuality with unapologetic pride, she has not only founded her own company but has also ignited a movement, beckoning those who, like her, once sought an alternative and non-conventional reality so she could truly be herself.

This is what Yuossima has to say; “In a society where we feel so tied to the life we have been told to settle for, I am here to inspire people to know that more is available. I want people to Ignite their own Inner Flame- to break free from the ultimate suppression of their Individualism”

As a tireless advocate, Yuossima empowers women to stop looking outside of themselves for the answer and to instead face their own truth.

Today, as the founder of Yuossimaroseltd, she stands as a living testament to the transformative power of perseverance and resilience.

Through her business venture, Yuossima offers; 1:1 mentorship/merchandise/books, group coaching, retreats and workshops. She also runs several online programmes so people can access her work from across the globe – encouraging her clients to delve into the truth of who they are in order to free themselves from past trauma and generational wounds, so they can fulfill their soul’s calling.

Through sharing her own journey, she walks the talk as she inspires others to reclaim their destiny. Her business isn’t merely a venture; – for her “it’s a beacon of hope; a sanctuary for those navigating the labyrinth of healing; a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s uniqueness. Guided by a higher power, Yuossima Rose stands as a beacon of compassion, offering a unique blend of relatability and rapid healing, inviting you to witness your capacity for your own transformative journey.”

She concludes; “YuossimaroseLtd is my way of channeling all of my healing into something greater. In knowing this will be of greater service to others.”

In her pursuit of healing and wholeness, she has forged a legacy of hope, inspiring countless others to embrace the light within them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

She intends to donate 10% of annual profits to help women and children overcome generational abuse, as well as raising awareness for suicide survivors with her new candle line #bethelight as part of this movement.

Yuossima Shares The First Initial Step to Break Free From Past Trauma and Generational Chains

As initiated in the first paragraph of the Yuossima’s book ‘The Truth of Trauma’, she wants to share the first step on breaking free from repeating the generational cycles of what has already been by using this affirmation: “I in this divine moment am no longer willing to neglect or abandon oneself. I choose to be the cycle breaker in my lineage.”

By affirming this and initiating within oneself that you will no longer choose self last, you are taking FULL responsibility for your life.

Yuossima says; “So many people powerlessly give their life away and disempower themselves by blaming society/structures or systems for how their life is when ultimately our life is our own. By using this affirmation ~ you are activating soul responsibility.

“Only by choosing ourselves can we truly break free from lifetimes of generational patterns.”

“It is important to acknowledge using somatic training ~ how does the body respond when you say these words out loud. Do you as the reader notice any resistance?”

“If you feel any anger/projection or blame – pay close attention to what is coming up for you. How do you feel? Really delve into the depths of your own being. This is when we can really start activating our true self.”

“For we are not being deceptive. Instead we are acknowledging these internal reactions and honoring our self responsibility. Delve deeper into this self enquiry by asking inwardly, where am I not choosing myself? Where or how am I settling? What fear based thoughts am I believing in as true? What illusions have I attached myself to and old stories that are preventing me from true liberty?

“In knowing our stories are not our own.

“Instead of choosing the life you truly want, truly, where are you neglecting yourself and blaming others?

“I acknowledge that this can be extremely uncomfortable, but I affirms that this internal inquiry is necessary to start your journey of coming back to who you truly are. Only through our own willingness to truly see the parts of us and the truths that we deceitfully suppress, can we then start to break ourselves free by facing our own truth within without needing pain to be the activator to stop running from ourselves.

“This is where the journey of breaking the chains of our generational trauma begins. Within our own willingness to confront ourselves.

“For what we escape we only recreate. This is where your liberty begins.”


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