Could giving your limiting chimp a voice or persona help you overcome barriers and self-sabotage in 2021?

Dani Wallace is an international speaker, bestselling author and professional singer. Having overcome homelessness as a single parent, domestic abuse and years of self-sabotage… she is now a motivational force and the fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement helping women across the world Show Up, Wise Up and Rise Up –
Within her best-selling autobiographical book ‘I AM THE QUEEN BEE – How I Overcame Self-Sabotage To Fly Anyway and How You Can Too’  – Dani references how she has given her inner chimp the voice and persona of Nikki Grahame referencing the Big Brother stars famous ‘Who IS She’ moment.
Dani said; “Some people have never heard of imposter syndrome, which is a feeling of crippling self-doubt. It’s the voice in your head that questions your moves and your potential and can hold you back from seizing opportunities. Imposter Syndrome is so real and I even know what mine sounds like. My inner-voice/chimp often screeches “WHO IS SHE!?!” in the voice of Big Brother Legend Nikki Grahame! Whenever I attempt something that I know is going to have me level up or is going to reach more people than I have done previously, she rears her head, vehemently calling me out. She rocks up in my mind’s eye, full tantrum, wild-eyed, yelling as loud as she can, ‘Who IS she?!!? Who IS this person thinking she can roll up and share her stuff like it’s going to magically help someone?!?!? I know that me listening to this inner tantrum helps no one – and I’m determined that it ain’t going to hold me back! Every-time my inner Nikki starts to have a tantrum, I am now able to declare and remind myself that ‘I am Dani Wallace – the queen bee – who has overcome self-sabotage and continues to fly anyway!'”
Hit between the eyes one day with her purpose, after watching the ‘Bee Movie’ with her kids, Dani heard this message: “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible” – and ever since she has been on a mission to help others who shouldn’t be able to fly, to fly anyway via the powerful I Am The Queen Bee Movement.
It worked for Dani…. so, could giving your limiting voice/chimp/imposter syndrome a voice or persona help you overcome barriers and self-sabotage in 2021?

Trained Psychotherapist Sarie Taylor ( The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor and coach, who specialises in helping those who are getting in their own way to get change FAST!, said; “We all have that voice in our heads that is critical, overwhelming and sometimes downright rude and so what do we do about it?  Thoughts will always come and go, good ones and bad ones, yet they only have meaning and value if we add it. If giving that voice a name helps you separate those thoughts and notice them then that’s great, however, just be careful not to engage, resist and fight them as they can be pretty persistent when you are in a bad mood!

“Recognising that it has shown up is a great start, however it is also beneficial to understand more about it. Understand that it is simply thought not truth. Think of it like an unwanted visitor that just turns up unannounced and brings you absolutely no benefit whatsoever. If you had a visit like this you probably wouldn’t invite them to sit down and pop the kettle on and the same goes for unwanted thoughts. The key is to not engage, give value or energy to them and they will soon get the message and leave! It can be very tempting to fight and battle with these thoughts but again imagine that unwanted visitor, if you started arguing and fighting with them, they would only be there longer to argue back! When we are in a lower state of mind or consciousness we may find that our thoughts become contaminated and these unwanted visitors show up more, plus the temptation to engage with them becomes stronger and we are much more likely to believe the thoughts to be true, they are not.”

What do you think? Does your limiting voice have a tone, a name, a persona? Does it help?
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