Bringing togetherness back into the workplace

This year has been extremely challenging, and we’ve had to adapt to new rules, new ways of working and a lack of social interaction. Everything we’re used to has moved digitally which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s a change we had to immediately become accustomed to.

In the past we’ve all been privy to a quick social drink at the pub with colleagues to relax after a hardworking day. This has sadly been taken away from us and remains in the past due to Covid-19. More than 1,000* UK business owners admitted that their culture has eroded over the last six months, with employees feeling more disconnected than ever.

For all the benefits that remote working brings to home life, the togetherness and camaraderie that an office can offer has been lost completely. Working from home reduces carbon emissions and cars on the road, which is great, but we are now faced with a stressed and burned out workforce that will significantly cause a mental health crisis. A recent study surveyed over 12,000 employees across 11 countries and found that the pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of 78% of the global workforce.

As we continue to work from home with limited face to face contact, we’re also quickly losing our social skills. So as a way of bringing co-workers back together and preventing a rise in mental health, TheTogetherWorks has reintroduced socialising virtually using Zoom.

Luke Meredith, 35 and Oli Marcroft 34 developed the online platform during the previous lockdown as they were fatigued by endless Zoom calls that ‘got straight down to business’. The lack of social interaction between colleagues became apparent.

TheTogetherWorks is a new era in sociable online challenges aimed to promote greater inclusivity at work, togetherness and inject some fun into the working day again.
Luke says: “We host the entire process on behalf of organisations so there’s a lead who can pull and motivate teams right from the off.

“All of the challenges are grounded in creative thinking and problem solving and backed by behavioural science, but even more importantly it’s fun and brings people together – and that’s exactly the ethos of our business.

“Feeling excluded and detached from an organisation is something we’ve felt ourselves and we know that others are experiencing that right now. TheTogetherWorks aims to put an end to that.”

For more information about how you can take part in a virtual party please visit and let’s get together!

Survey Monkey research:
September-October 2020.
1024 Participants

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