“Age is no barrier to taking on new challenges.” – 71-year-old Model Swaps Catwalks for Cattle Grids as she ‘Takes A Hike’ in BBC Show

Challenging the misconceptions of what later life looks like and setting women free from their own limitations is what 71 year old model, and Grandmother, Annie Stirk is all about and this New Year, she will be celebrating having featured in a popular BBC show, where she swapped her stilettos for walking shoes to explore some of Yorkshire’s most scenic walks.

Annie, from Brandsby, North Yorkshire, was a participant in BBC Two’s ‘Take A Hike’; described as ‘a competitive hiking series’. The five local walkers indulge viewers in the wonder and spectacle of their favourite hikes, from windswept coastal paths to invigorating mountain climbs, magical woodlands to cascading waterfalls, this series epitomises everything ‘remarkable’ and beautiful about Britain, all chosen by the competitors.

Born and bred Yorkshire ‘lass’ Annie, stands out during the series for always looking glamorous and making sure she had her lippy on despite the rugged conditions, she brings a fun, playful vibe to the show, as she sets out to prove ‘you can still look good whilst hiking all weathers’, but her more important message was that ‘age is no barrier to taking on new challenges’. She showed strength, resilience and determination, alongside her great sense of fun, which ensured the other contestants instantly warmed to her and her Yorkshire charm. The new series of ‘Take a Hike’ starts on Tuesday 3rd January at 6:30pm on BBC Two, Annie’s episode is to be aired on Friday 6th January. You can also watch episodes online via BBC iPlayer.

Born in Castleford and now living in Brandsby with her husband of almost 50 years, Annie, has lived a fast paced colourful life travelling the country for her career, she has lived in both Dorset and Wales, but she has always been drawn back to Yorkshire. Even when she was regularly working in London, she would commute from Yorkshire, believing home is where the heart is.

Annie said: “I’ve always felt nothing is impossible and you are limited only by your own boundaries. This show was such a fun experience and one I loved. There were times when I wondered ‘what on earth am I doing here..?!’ – but, I quickly pushed these thoughts away and focused instead on the adventure and my ‘Just Do It!’ mantra! I’m excited for people to see a different side to me, and it was fun swapping catwalks for cattle grids and cliff tops. In reality I do do a lot of walking to help me stay fit, and to also create mindful space for me to just be and breathe – as life is busy, and we all need to just stop and take it all in sometimes”.

Annie is determined to show other 50/60/70 plus women who feel the same lust for life, but who are held back by their own self doubt, that they can still push the limits and that what they dream of is possible. She hopes that through her work and representation, she can inspire and motivate women who are trapping themselves in lives they are not happy with through fear of the unknown, to find the confidence to take the leap to spend time doing something they truly love.

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