Improving Homework Focus for Neurodivergent Children

For many families, motivating their children to complete homework assignments can feel like an ongoing battle. This struggle becomes even more complex for parents of neurodivergent children, as conditions like ADHD and autism can exacerbate the challenges associated with concentration and sitting still for extended periods. However, recent research has unveiled a remarkably simple solution to do homework more enjoyable and productive – the adoption of standing desks.


The Homework Challenge for Neurodivergent Children

Neurodivergence often brings with it hyperactivity and repetitive behaviours, making it particularly difficult for these children to sit still and focus. After a day at school, it’s unsurprising that many kids resist more learning when they return home. A new study, involving 200 parents of neurodivergent children, sheds light on the extent of this issue. Over half (51%) of the surveyed parents reported that their child struggled to focus and remain seated during homework, while two-thirds (64%) stated that their child was unlikely to stay seated throughout a task.


The Standing Desk Solution

To explore the potential benefits of standing while doing homework, ten volunteer families were provided with standing desks for a four-week trial period. These families observed significant improvements in various aspects of their child’s learning experience. Parents noted increased engagement, enhanced focus, reduced restlessness, and hyperactivity. Furthermore, every family reported improvements in their child’s handwriting.

The study was a collaborative effort between Lancashire learning innovator, I Want A Standing Desk (IWASD), and Dr. Helen Ross, a government advisor and trustee of the British Dyslexia Association, who is dedicated to improving the lives of children with special educational needs.


The Impact of Standing Desks

Nick White, MD & Founder of Eiger Standing Desks, emphasises that children are not designed to sit still for extended periods. This notion is particularly applicable to children with additional needs. Homework time can often become a dreaded battle for families, but the introduction of standing desks offers a promising solution. The study results demonstrate that the opportunity to stand and learn has been a resounding success among the children.

Dr. Helen Ross highlights the importance of movement for children’s ability to focus and their overall well-being. This simple adjustment can significantly reduce stress during homework sessions.


Real-Life Success Stories

Several children participated in the homework trial, and their experiences further underscore the benefits of standing desks. Eight-year-old Natalie, who is autistic, found that the standing desk allowed her to move freely while working, enhancing her comfort and focus. Her mother, Sarah, noted how it allowed Natalie to work in her unique way.

Ten-year-old Oliver, diagnosed with ADHD, also reaped the rewards of the standing desk. It provided him with the freedom to move around, ultimately improving his concentration and doing homework time more enjoyable.


The Wider Impact

Over 600 UK primary schools currently implement EIGER Student Standing Desks, allowing pupils to stand and move during learning. Beyond benefiting physical health and well-being, these desks have been shown to improve behaviour and concentration, particularly among pupils with ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.

The introduction of standing desks into the homework routine of neurodivergent children presents a simple yet highly effective solution. This innovative approach enhances comfort, engagement, and overall learning outcomes, offering hope and improved prospects for these young learners. Stand up for better homework experiences and let your child’s potential shine!

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