Why Luxury Cruises are The Most Ideal Holiday for Older Adults

Gone are the days when retirees were expected to just sit back and age in place. Today, a growing number of older adults are opting for more adventure in their golden years. In fact, a recent article highlighted a survey wherein 82% of Brit baby boomer respondents said they planned to take up to five trips in a single year just “for fun.” A similar report on Travel Weekly revealed that ocean cruises, particularly high-end international ones, are becoming the holiday of choice for this same demographic.

But exactly what draws seniors to luxury cruises? Read on to find out.

Cruises are less stressful

Unlike most other travel options that necessitate multiple bookings and itineraries, cruises are much more streamlined. With a single transaction, you can enjoy a specially curated package that includes everything you’d need for a holiday. Case in point, Explora luxury cruises offer exclusive packages where passengers can choose from various suites that each come with well-rounded inclusions. These include complimentary sweet treats, unlimited fine beverages, shuttle services, thermal spa access, wellbeing and fitness programmes, eight culinary dining experiences, and dedicated hospitality staff. If necessary, passengers can also choose packages with more assistive benefits, like suites with disability-friendly bathrooms, so their all-inclusive package is more tailored for any unique needs.

This is especially helpful for older adults since they don’t need to deal with potentially confusing aspects, such as managing online bookings and multiple suppliers. At the same time, the all-inclusive aspect can help retirees better stick to their budgets since there’s little need to pay out of pocket. As such, they can enjoy all the spoils of a luxury trip without worrying about juggling too many details.

Cruises can enrich overall wellbeing

Holidays are more than just a chance to get away; they’re also opportunities to better your mental and physical health. A great example of this is the premium cruises by Ambassador, given that they have a wide array of on-board and on-shore activities, like nature hikes and gala dinners. For older adults who may struggle with typical exercise, a cruise can create more organic reasons to move. For instance, most on-shore excursions encourage the exploration of whichever host country the ship is docked at. This, naturally, necessitates more walking, which is a great form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. At the same time, cruises are known to prioritise socialisation onboard and off. As such, retirees have more chances to connect with other passengers who are in the same boat, pun intended.

Over time, this can even help older adults build healthier lifestyle habits that they can carry into their regular routines. Contrary to the common misconception that seniors are better off slowing down, experts have found that staying active is key to good health in later years. As explained in a previous post by Lisa Baker, ensuring that an older adult remains stimulated can help stave away illnesses like diabetes, stroke, cancer, and depressive ideation.

Cruises encourage slow, immersive travel

Last but not least, cruises allow retirees to enjoy world travel at their own pace. Often, travellers feel pressured to see and do as much as they can within a small window of time. However, this only provides a surface-level experience that is usually more tiring than fulfilling. Such is not the case with cruises. On average, higher-end cruise providers hold cruise packages that run anywhere from a week to a number of months. This allows passengers to really immerse themselves in their destinations.

Take the historic cruise liner Fred Olsen Cruises, which has been sailing for 176 years. Dedicated to offering their more mature passengers a nuanced travel experience away from tourist traps, each Fred Olsen boutique cruise comes with itineraries meant to run a little longer and encourage more immersion. For instance, they have cookery demonstrations of local cuisines, musical performances from community musicians, and visits to local families and indigenous groups. This will be an especially satisfying set-up for older adults who want a deeper appreciation for the culture around them.

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