New game that gets kids excited about fruit and vegetables

The developers behind the BAFTA nominated phonics game, Teach Your Monster To Read have launched a brand-new game aiming to get kids excited about fruit and vegetables. Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating encourages 3 to 6 year olds to try a rainbow of fruit and vegetables in a fun, tactile and engaging way using all five of their senses; touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste – a method that has been shown to help kids build a much better long-term relationship with food.

According to research commissioned by Teach Your Monster, a non-profit organisation funded by the charity The Usborne Foundation to make learning games, nearly 8 in 10 parents struggle to get their child to eat healthily, and almost half said they feel like they constantly waste food at mealtimes. While parents are desperate for their children to eat a wide variety of meals, 83% said they ended up cooking the same meals for them over and over.

Mealtime anxiety was experienced by most of the parents polled, with 67% saying they often had arguments with their kids, and 57% negotiating over how much of something they will eat.

Combining top-quality game design and essential learning, Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating helps to directly tackle these challenges. It is a fun-packed game for children, that makes trying fruit and vegetables a little less scary and a lot more exciting. Children create their own monster in the game and guided by Bub and friends, they embark on a journey to explore different foods using all five of their senses. The game features more than 40 fruit and vegetables, including many everyday staples such as apples, potatoes, and peas.

“Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating is all about getting kids excited about fruit and vegetables and helping them develop a better relationship with food for long-term benefits. The game views fruit and vegetables through the eyes of a child. The more familiar children are with foods, the more likely they are to eat them – and this game develops familiarity around sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch, helping children become a little braver to try new fruit and vegetables,” said Antonio Gould, executive director at Teach Your Monster.

Research behind the game also revealed that children react very well to fun, upbeat music that they can sing along to. As a result, Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating includes several unique songs written in collaboration with Simon Panrucker, celebrated children’s songwriter from Cartoon Network shows Clarence and The Fungies.

Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating is released worldwide on 9 January 2023 and is available to download for iOS devices via the Apple App Store, Android devices via Google Play and Kindle devices via Amazon for £2.99. Children can also play for free via any compatible web browser at Teach Your Monster: Adventurous Eating

Teach Your Monster’s debut single & music video, ‘Bub Loves Food’, is released globally on all major streaming platforms on 6 January 2023.

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