Annelieke de Vries Shares the Secret on ‘How to Be Human’

Annelieke de Vries is a highly experienced social worker whose lifelong search for personal growth and her wealth of experience in the fields of mental health, drug and alcohol, counselling and complex trauma has given her numerous insights into the human experience and the tools to come back to her true self. When she noticed many of her clients were able to heal their trauma through the same information and tools, she knew it was time to write a book to share her wisdom and healing journey with others.

In her book titled “How to Be Human: A Story and Path on How to Live with Ease” (published by Balboa Press AU), de Vries gives readers insights into her personal journey and provides vital information and strategies that have helped her and many others to heal trauma, undo conditioning and come back to their true self. It is a clear, straight forward and easy to read book with a unique perspective on life, trauma and self-healing.

“We live in a world where many people are struggling with depression, anxiety and addiction. What lies at the core of the issues for many, is a form of trauma and a lack of connection to a part of themselves. We also live in a time where spirituality and science are coming together and the evidence base for holistic treatment is becoming bigger every day,” de Vries says. “More and more people are interested in personal growth and are trying to find the answer to a new way of living. My book fills a much-needed gap by combining the science and evidence base of psychology with my spiritual understanding of the human condition.”

“How to Be Human: A Story and Path on How to Live with Ease” aims to make readers realize that it is possible for anyone to heal trauma, undo conditioning, to stop the suffering and come back to a life of self-compassion, empowerment, purpose and ease. For more details about the book, please visit

“How to Be Human: A Story and Path on How to Live with Ease”
By Annelieke de Vries
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 98 pages | ISBN 9781504311977
E-Book | 98 pages | ISBN 9781504311984
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Annelieke de Vries is a highly experienced social worker, spiritual teacher and abstract artist. She was born in the Netherlands and, after earning a bachelor’s degree in social work, migrated to Australia for love. After a career focused on working with complex trauma, addiction and mental illness, she now teaches her wisdom to others through her writing and workshops. She lives in the Northern Rivers area in New South Wales, Australia.

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