Why employee safety should be at the forefront of business

As businesses across the UK prepare to open their doors to employees and customers once more and some close for good, many will be turning their attention to maximising profit over the next few months. This may include offering discounts, group deals and other marketing tactics to get customers excited about spending again.

One often overlooked profit booster is workplace safety. Surprisingly, safer work environments boost employee morale and can help you to retain staff. Therefore, prioritising employee well-being and workplace safety can have a big impact on your bottom line.

All employers have a legal duty of care to their employees, but why exactly is employee safety so important? And how can you keep your employees safe at work?

Why health and safety is important in the workplace?

Not only is it a legal requirement that workplaces enforce proper health and safety regulations, it is also important to protect you businesses revenues and profits. Accidents can result in lawsuits and legal costs, keeping safety a priority at your business is important to save you money.

What good health and safety can do for your business

As we have already said, employee workplace safety can greatly improve your profits. Unsafe workplaces generally have a higher staff turnover rate, which costs a business in recruitment and training of new staff.

Also, a safe workplace makes for happier, valued and healthier workers and has been shown to reduce the number of sick days employees take. Again, saving businesses some much needed cash.

How to keep your employees safe at work

First, you must provide all your employees with appropriate workplace safety training for your industry. This is a legal requirement and could save you thousands of pounds if an accident should happen at your business.

Second, supply your employees with all the personal protective equipment they need. Depending on your business this could include overalls, hair nets, masks or even knee pads for physically demanding jobs.

What to do if you have a safety problem

It is important that you keep accurate records or training and accidents within your business for insurance and legal purposes. You should also conduct regular safety checks of your business premises to reduce the risk of accidents and injury.

If you do have a safety problem or accident at your business, it is important that you get the medical care your staff need and report the accident or safety concern as soon as you can. Having it recorded properly is important should a lawsuit be bought against your company.