How to Look After Your Team’s Wellbeing

When you are managing a team, you need to make sure that they are being well looked after. While there isn’t much that you can do to ensure they are happy in their personal lives, there are some things within your control. Those who do not look after the wellbeing of their team need to start making changes as this is something that is vital to ensure the workforce are happy and working efficiently.

In this article, we are going to give you some of our tips to help you look after your team’s wellbeing. This will include everything from adjusting your benefits package to offering positive feedback. Use these tips to make some positive changes in the workplace.

Hold 1-1 Meetings

Our first tip for those who want to look after their team’s wellbeing is to hold meetings when you can. While it can be useful to hold meetings with the whole team involved, 1-1 meetings can also go a long way. You might find that a member of your team is not confident enough to discuss any issues that they are having in front of everyone else in the team. Holding a 1-1 meeting that they don’t have to request will be a great way to access how they are doing and make any changes if necessary.

This is something that you can start doing right away and something that we would always encourage. You don’t want to have meetings too often as this can affect productivity but try to do this at least once every fortnight.  Once you get into the swing of it, you’ll enjoy having your catch-up sessions with your team and making sure that they are okay.

Adjust Employee Benefits

One of the best ways to look after your team actually involves the benefits that you are offering them. You might find that the current benefits package that you offer does not support your team in the way that they need it to in certain areas. For example, could your employees benefit from healthcare being added to the package? What about extra holidays so that they can look after their kids when they need to?

A great way to adjust your employee benefits scheme is to use special software. You can find plenty of options when it comes to software to manage employee benefits online. This software will allow you to create tailored schemes that are relevant to your team. This can have a large impact so make sure to give it a go this year and get some feedback from your team.

Get an Expert In

If you want to look after the wellbeing of your team, you should also consider getting an expert in to help. There are many experts out there who have experience in giving advice to those who are struggling whether that is in their personal life or in simply coping with the workload. While you can give your own advice, this isn’t always going to be the right advice and will have some bias.

Experts come in many different forms so make sure to find the right expert for you. We suggest a wellbeing coach or one that can offer up advice and guidance based on what is going on in your employee’s lives.

Positive Feedback

One of the biggest mistakes that many employers make when it comes to looking after their team is only offering constructive criticism. While this can be useful to make sure that your team are improving as they go, a series of criticisms can also affect the wellbeing of your team. This is why you need to make sure that you are offering positive feedback when it is relevant.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of only commenting on things when they go wrong. Spend some time thinking about what your team has done well recently and reward them for this. The positive feedback can go a long way and you should be able to notice a difference in their attitude in no time.

Final Verdict

Looking after the wellbeing of your team is key to making sure that they are happy and that they are doing their job to their best ability. You need to check in when you can to make sure that everything is okay and understand if there is anything that you could be doing to help. This is something that many employers ignore but it is key to ensuring everyone is healthy in both their physical and mental health.

Make sure to take on board the tips that we have given you in this article. These should help you to implement the right changes in the coming year to support your team.

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