How are businesses taking a more holistic approach to workplace safety and employee wellbeing?

Most people know how important it is to look after their wellbeing and the benefits that doing so can bring. To get the maximum from this though, it’s key to take an integrated approach to wellbeing and to have a more holistic view of the situation. Many UK firms are making this a lot easier in the modern age by adopting approaches that focus on not only the wellbeing of staff in the workplace, but also their safety.

This means that staff are able to take care of their wellbeing at work, while also doing so at home in their free time for a joined-up lifestyle plan. But what are some of the best ways that businesses can do this now?


Focus on drug testing policies

Although it may only have been seen in certain sectors across UK business previously, drug testing policies are being used more widely now to provide a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing. Matrix Diagnostics, which provides drug testing lab services, is a major player in this niche for UK firms and combines industry-standard accreditation with expert advice on efficient implementation of drug testing programmes.

By implementing these kinds of policies, UK companies are able to recognise when certain staff members are using illegal drugs or have issues with adhering to company policy around legal drugs (such as not drinking alcohol for a specified period before a shift).

The company is then able to offer help for these staff to overcome their drug-related issues and live a healthier lifestyle going forward. These policies are also key for improving workplace safety, as they stop employees from coming into work with drugs in their system and potentially posing a danger to others.


Health and safety programmes

When it comes to wellbeing at work and staff safety, UK firms are now taking a much more holistic approach via their internal health and safety programmes. These programmes are drawn up in line with Health and Safety Executive regulations and ensure that workplaces are safe for staff to operate in. This helps to keep employees healthy and far less likely to be injured in workplace accidents.


Employee assistance programmes

 Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) provide staff with safe spaces for them to discuss any issues that may be negatively affecting them. While this may naturally cover issues within the workplace, EAPs also provide scope for staff to talk through any issues outside of work that could be influencing their performance or health.


HR confidentiality protocols

HR confidentiality protocols enable firms to take a more holistic approach to workplace safety by keeping the personal details of employees secure. This can be through effective cybersecurity measures to secure staff data held in company systems, strict rules over what staff information can be released, and a focus on physical HR data security.


Holistic approach is important to create safe workplaces

The above shows how UK firms are now taking a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing and workplace safety. By using techniques such as these, businesses around the country are able to provide far more effective support to their staff.


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