Over 40% increase in parents providing e-consent for flu vaccination in schools this season

As the flu vaccinations start in schools, Thomson Screening is helping implement flu immunisation programmes saving schools time and money

In the first four weeks of the Flu vaccination season, Thomson Screening, providers of the SchoolScreener Imms software platform, has seen the number of parents providing e-consent increase by 43% compared with last year.

This is only the start of the imms seasonal campaign, and the numbers are expected to continue to increase considerably between now and the end of the term.

SchoolScreener® manages and automates all the requirements for a range of population wide school health programmes including immunisations, health needs assessments, The National Child Measurement Programme, vision screening and hearing screening.

Administration, including e-Consent, is one of the most time-consuming areas in delivering school aged vaccination campaigns. Providers implementing SchoolScreener imms benefit from a fully automated system. This includes automated e-Consent from parents (using the secure SchoolScreener Portal) automated data management/verification, triage, batch management, communications to parents in any language, child specific reporting to NHS England, provider wide governance and reporting. Using SchoolScreener Imms resources can be focused on delivering vaccinations and not on administration.

Many schools are welcoming e-consent, which, in turn, has meant that far fewer paper e-consent packs needed to be printed, distributed, collected, and generally handled. The savings will be even greater this year as ‘flu vaccinations are now also for Year 7.

By automating the full immunisation process, Providers save up to 60 minutes per child on administration. And in school, because SchoolScreener Imms is designed to be used either online or offline, nurses can be certain they have all the data they require to hand

“This year we have seen an increase in schools signing up to use SchoolScreener as there is such a strong emphasis on flu vaccinations in the light of Covid-19. Getting parental consent has always been a challenge – it can take up a lot of time, require lots of chasing, and then the consents have to be allocated to the correct child and any variations etc. noted. It’s not necessarily difficult – but it is very laborious and resource heavy. SchoolScreener removes all that effort and worry and more and more schools are now turning to e-consent as a way to save time, resource and money. We expect that as the local immunisation programmes continue over the next couple of months, we’ll see a big increase in the number of parents using the digital platform.” said Marta Kalas, COO of SchoolScreener Imms developers, Thomson Screening.

For more information see: https://uk.schoolscreener.com/


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