Tech-Savvy Millennials are ‘the most forgetful generation in the UK’

If you are prone to blaming minor forgetfulness as a ‘senior moment’, you may want to rethink.

The UK’s premium car and courier service, Addison Lee have revealed the results of a survey of over 7,000 people – and researchers found that millennials, not seniors, are the most forgetful generation in the UK.

As a result, the company is now trialling an innovative offering as part of their same-day delivery service to combat forgetfulness, by developing packages for those who forget their passports, loved ones’ birthdays and even hangover supplies.

Addison Lee’s forgetfulness survey revealed that:

  • 62% of millenials describe themselves as forgetful compared to only 43% of over-65-year olds
  • Over half of pensioners (57%) describe themselves as not forgetful while only 38% of people in the 25-34 age group claim the same
  • Top 5 items that UK people tend to forget include mobile phones, passports, medication, hygiene products and underwear.

One thing Millenials won’t forget is their mobile phones.  The tech-savvy generation say they remember to take their mobile phones wherever they go!

However, Millenials are more likely to forget their passport, hygiene products and underwear more than any other age group. Forgotten keys, credit cards and wallets are a common source of annoyance for Brits, but the survey also revealed that it is not so rare for people to even forget their pets or family members.

Northern Ireland came out as the most forgetful region in the UK with 59% of respondents describing themselves as forgetful, followed by Yorkshire and Humber, West Midlands and Scotland. Meanwhile the South West has claimed the UK’s least forgetful region accolade.

Lisa Burger, Chief Operating Officer at Addison Lee says:

“Even with the best intentions, people can get distracted with busy lifestyles and can easily forget about that important event or item. Our survey results gave us a clear indication that forgetfulness is a problem amongst us all, and to help tackle this, we’ve added an ‘SOS’ package to our existing same-day delivery service. We’ve come up with three packages that go the extra mile, and we are asking the public to help us decide which package could become a reality.”

To combat forgetfulness in the UK, Addison Lee is considering rolling out one of three packages to save the day including:

  • The Passport Panic Button – For people who realise they have forgotten their passport or suitcase supplies when they reach the airport
  • The Birthday Bail-Out – A package that can save friendships and relationships by delivering a gift before it’s too late
  • The Hangover Survival Kit – Order hangover essentials to your doorstep when you’ve forgotten to stock up on supplies before a big night out

While these options are still being trialled, Addison Lee customers can find out more about packages and have their say about which one should be rolled out as a service by voting for their favourite at

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