Clever Closet Announces the “60 Sec Desk” to Support Safe & Ergonomic Home-Working

Clever Closet UK, the specialists in discrete under stairs and loft storage units for the home, has announced the immediate UK availability of the “60 Sec Desk”, which addresses the employer challenge of keeping their employees safe, by allowing them to work in an ergonomically sound working environment – which includes a safe, functioning desk space, at home.

Designed as an ergonomic office desk, the “60 Sec Desk” can be put together, and taken down, quickly and easily, for storage and aesthetic purposes, at the end of the working day. During the current pandemic, as workers are increasingly working from home, the kitchen table has become the temporary solution for many, which has led to back-aches, and which some have dubbed: “Covid Back.”

According to a recent Institute of Employment Studies homeworking wellbeing survey, after the first two weeks of lockdown, more than half of the 500 respondents reported experiencing new aches and pains: 58% complained of neck pain, 56% experienced shoulder pain and 55% had experienced back pain.

The Covid pandemic has changed the way employees work forever. Working from home or working virtually was a luxury, with COVID, it became an emergency necessity, and is now a long-term reality, as UK plc, HR heads and employees evolve to these new more flexible working environments.

Clever Closet, CEO, Paul Jacob, said: “As long as the kitchen remains the heart of the family home, with the associated noise and family traffic, we cannot do meaningful work, or have it as the nerve centre of our working day or business lives.”

He continues: As the pandemic evolves to the next stage, and more of us are working from home, workable, safe and ergonomic office desk set-ups are now a long-term necessity. No one wants to turn their home into an office by having permanent desks, with the associated social and mental health issues, around how to switch off in the evening, and get the right life-work balance, if the desk is permanently on show.”

Employers also want to ensure that their employees are happy and productive. For business, a proper work space improves employees productivity, so for a minimum cost, corporates can now help make their home-based employees even more productive and fulfilled, as the office is not intruding into the home, especially after hours, as employees are simply and quickly given back their home space environment.

The desk comes ready to assemble and simply slots together requiring no fixtures, tools or screws. It is made of 5 parts that slide together and literally takes 60 seconds to assemble. It is 95cm wide by 50 cm deep by 75 cm high and weighs just 15 kg and slides under the couch or bed when not in use in its specifically designed box. It is made from 18mm Sustainable (forest farmed) Birch Ply with a tapered design that builds in strength and stability and comes in a hard-wearing lacquered finish which is resistant to hot cups and to stains. The product was designed and made in Ireland. It has built in holders for smart phones and a Tablet holder for hands free video meetings and delivered to your door within days of ordering.

Ordering and Pricing:
The desk can be ordered online at this link:
The desk is available at the special introduction offer price of £125 plus VAT plus delivery in the UK.

The company was founded by CEO Paul Jacob, a former construction engineer, as he addressed a family storage crisis at home, and to date, the business has sold more than 40,000 patent-approved storage units, for their under stairs and loft storage solutions. In the height of the last recession, Paul Jacob designed and produced the first under stairs storage unit called “Smart Storage”. Now 10 years later, in the middle of another impending recession, Paul has developed yet another solution to a new problem, this time for businesses and home workers – the “60 Sec Desk”.

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