British Safety Council launches Live Online mental health workshops

As workplaces across the country adjust their practices to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, the British Safety Council, one of the world’s leading safety training organisations, has launched a selection of their mental health workshops online for those looking to better address employee mental wellbeing.

Whilst its courses are usually completed face to face, their new service, Live Online, is now allowing students to undergo training from within the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Working in partnership with Mates in Mind to address mental health in the workplace, the British Safety Council provides high quality, effective mental health workshops taught in real-time by experienced tutors and mental health first-aid instructors, providing an interactive experience throughout.

With 602,000 workers across Britain suffering from work-related stress, anxiety or depression in 2018/19, Live Online offers training for both managers and employees to help develop their skills and confidence when it comes to addressing mental health.

Several workshops and courses are on offer including their 45 minute ‘Start the Conversation’ session which educates employees on how to look after their own mental health, as well as identify the signs when someone else might be struggling.

With many employees across Britain working remotely, whilst others adapt to all new safety measures in the workplace, the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt normality. Inevitably inducing feelings of stress, loneliness and anxiety, the psychological impact of the virus means it is now more important than ever to thoroughly address mental wellbeing.

Live Online is an easy and convenient way for employees and managers to improve the culture of mental health in the workplace, creating a supportive and positive environment in which it’s workers can navigate these uncertain times.

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