Brits worst holiday fear: The dreaded Tummy Bug

Being mugged, bad accommodation and (if going abroad) losing your passport are common worries of the British holidaymaker. But, believe it or not, what Brits fear the most when on holiday is traveller’s diarrhoea.

The poll of 4,000 British adults, commissioned by, found that 54 per cent were most terrified of getting traveller’s diarrhea while on holiday. Surprisingly, being mugged was not a worry for 89 per cent of respondents and only 31 per cent worried about losing important travel documents such as their passport.

A vain 22 per cent claimed to be unhappy with their body image, making them constantly worry and fearful of enjoying their holiday.

Michael Hope, marketing director for Parkat, said: ‘We are known as a nation of moaners and this is especially true before a holiday. More so for places not explored before.’

‘The majority of locally prepared food such as salad, rice and meat will contain bacterial enteropathogens, which will be harmful for travellers, but locals will have built immunity from birth.’

‘A bad dose of food poisoning could put travellers out of action for five days, ultimately ruining the holiday. But if symptoms persist longer and you cannot keep down fluids, we recommend consulting a health professional as soon as possible. In all cases it’s common sense to get proper advice.’

‘A lot of travellers will have experienced an upset stomach of sorts while on holiday.  It can be a horrible experience. ‘

Of course for campers, that experience can be magnified, where travellers rely on running to a distant loo that may have a queue.

This can be even worse when travelling further afield, in particular to developing countries such as Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, frequent choices for modern backpackers.  One way to completely avoid an upset stomach while abroad is to eat canned food, but it may not be practical to carry sufficient stock for longer trips.

Brits’ top 10 holiday fears

  • Traveller’s diarrhoea – 54 per cent
  • Bad accommodation – 39 per cent
  • Losing travel documents – 31 per cent
  • Bad weather – 27 per cent
  • Getting lost – 23 per cent
  • Body image – 22 per cent
  • Delays – 22 per cent
  • Missing family – 19 per cent
  • Being mugged – 11 per cent
  • Getting homesick – 9 per cent

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Many holiday destinations are fairly safe and only pose a small risk. Using your common sense and avoiding stagnant salad bars, ice cubes in drinks, buffets, pop-up hot dog stands.

Check the facilities of any campsite ahead, try and pitch close to the toilet and make sure you take simple precautions like washing your hands – this one simple step can keep you in good health (and off the toilet)

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