Christmas with an eating disorder: Priory expert offers advice for families supporting those with eating disorders

Christmas celebrations can be ‘terrifying’ to someone with an eating disorder, when the emphasis is all on food Enquiries for Priory’s private eating disorder services were 36.6% higher between January and November 2021 than during […]


Number of people enquiring about Priory alcohol treatment services up nearly 60% in two years

Nearly 60% increase in enquiries about Priory alcohol services since before the pandemic Public Health England also reported a ‘step change’ in heavy drinking habits coinciding with the start of the pandemic Lockdown created conditions […]

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How Seasonal Affective Disorder is different from other forms of depression – and how to cope with SAD in a pandemic as seasons change

Seasonal Affective Disorder is different from other forms of depression in three distinct ways It is thought to affect up to 9% of the British population Women are understood to be up to 4 times […]

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Surge in young adults experiencing anxiety, according to new Priory poll as expert says pandemic could have lengthy mental health impact on ‘Covid Generation’

A new nationwide opinion poll1, commissioned by Priory Group, the UK’s largest provider of mental health services, has found that 60% of 18 to 34-year-olds say their mental health has suffered significantly during the pandemic, […]

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Covid ‘burnout’: When ‘working from home’ means longer hours and poorer mental health – especially for women, says Priory expert

A Priory psychiatrist has highlighted the mental and physical pressures on the ‘sandwich generation’ of working women who are caring for different generations of their families while holding down jobs during the pandemic. Dr Niall […]