Treating Chronic Skin Conditions Naturally: Samantha Jane’s story

All natural skincare brand MEDOVIE, has developed effective skin care products for those with acute skin issues such as psoriasis on their body and scalp that provide safe, natural and effective solutions to long term skin conditions, without any need for steroid based solutions.

With psoriasis affecting at least 2% of the population*, the skin condition is known to be chronic (long lasting) that can majorly affect the quality of people’s lives – and many sufferers have tried multiple products before finding MEDOVIE.

However, the brand has proved effective where other products have failed.   Here, Samantha Jane shares her story:

46 year-old Samantha has had inflamed and angry skin on her face all her life. As a child it was diagnosed as eczema, but as an adult it developed further, and no one was able to work out what was causing her such severe and unsightly red patches all over her face.

In fact, over the past five years, her skin had deteriorated beyond recognition, leaving her with violent, red facial welts, which were impossible to conceal.

“My skin was ugly, angry and painful. It was enormously debilitating for me, because I didn’t want to go out and I felt really vulnerable. And it felt like whoever I came across felt as awkward as I did – whether they mentioned my skin issue to me, or they didn’t, it was always hanging in the air, affecting our encounter.”

Samantha’s skin condition meant she also lost a lot of self-belief “I was a fairly confident person before, but it just knocked a lot of that out of me. Leaving the house and putting on a brave face was a big challenge for me. I just couldn’t face people at all.”

As a widow, Samantha didn’t feel she had anyone she could share her skin distress with either. However well intentioned they might be, she knew others would only be able to offer their sympathy, rather than any solution.

Low expectations

When Samantha discovered MEDOVIE on one of her frequent late night trawls on the internet, she had low hopes of it being successful. She had tried an endless number of remedies, through doctors, dermatologists, all manner of companies offering solutions, and at best the results were short lived, with the problem skin returning within two weeks.

After the initial advisory process where Samantha had a consultative video call with the brand’s  Scientific Founder, Nadav Shraibom, she was recommended to use 3HX™ Derma Cream and  3HX™ Shampoo, which she also used as a body wash.

2 to 3 weeks into the treatment, she started feeling hopeful – “It’s the most incredibly gentle product… I don’t use soaps anymore. It is just so soft and soothing when you put it on and I love that it’s made from natural ingredients – no more harsh, steroid creams” she explains.

“I was waiting for the bottom to fall out, like so many products that showed initial promise before, then failing like the rest” she admits.

But within weeks her debilitating skin condition that covered 80% of her face has almost been totally eradicated, the unsightly welts a thing of the past. And eight months on, the change is still as good – finally a product that was proving to have long-lasting, effective results and was helping to prevent future flare-ups.

So, how is Samantha Jane’s skin now?

“It’s not quite 100% but I’d say pretty close,” she says proudly.

And it’s not just Samantha’s skin that has radically changed…

“I’m definitely more confident. And whilst before I was so ashamed of my face, I had to hide away, I’ve actually started my own business, much of which is based around Zoom meetings and requires regular online presence. I would never have been able to do all this online work if I still had the skin condition. It’s so exciting. Plus business is actually booming.”

Whilst before she spent much of her time with her eleven year old son back at home, too ashamed to venture outside, she’s now making up for lost time and going on trips out whenever they can, from castles to holidays, they’ve done things they never would have dared before.

“It’s only now I look back, that I realise how much I was missing out on and how seriously unhappy I was”.

Deep rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, MEDOVIE products are composed based on a unique and effective 3HX™ formula, produced using a premium and carefully sourced three herb combination to calm and nourish the skin and scalp. The products include a 3HX™ Derma Cream, a 3HX™ Scalp Lotion, 3HX™ Scalp Care Shampoo as well as 3HX™ Capsules to be ingested, to help support the skin externally and from within.


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