How to Create a Calming Environment for Your Dog

Dogs need to feel safe and relaxed at home or in the office as this will lead to a much happier and more relaxed pup. If you’re struggling with a dog that is barky or reactive then it can seem like creating a calm environment for your pup is impossible, but it is possible for anyone to achieve.


Stick to a Routine

Although it is impossible to stick to the same routine every day, dogs generally benefit from a similar routine every day. For example, if you have a time of day that you are able to take them for a walk then sticking to this can help – you’ll be surprised at how quickly they get used to this being when they are getting taken out and get themselves ready to go. The same for bedtime, once you’re in a routine you’ll find that they take themselves to bed even when you’re having a later night.


Take Advantage of Music

Dogs love music and it can be a great way to help them relax. Many people opt to leave on the radio or play dog-calming music on their smart devices when they leave the house as a way to help their dog relax – and to stop them from hearing outside noises. Betway recently carried out a Dog Relaxation Experiment and found that when playing folk music dogs relaxed for longer on average than other types of music.


Give them Plenty of Stimulation

If you want a dog to relax and be calm then helping them burn off energy in advance is a must. Dogs definitely benefit from a walk every day so this should be the first thing on your list if you want a happy and calm dog. On top of this treats and toys that make them work for their food can help to stimulate them mentally and this definitely helps them to shut off and relax.


Create a Safe Space

Dogs need to have a space of their own that they can feel is theirs and they feel safe in. For some dogs, this is a dog crate or pen and for others, it can simply be their own dog bed. You know your dog best and you’ll have an idea of what they like the most; so work with your dog to create a safe space so they can feel relaxed and that they are okay to switch off and have a snooze, after all, we all know that dogs love a snooze.


Encouraging Good Behaviour

Dogs love to please, so encouraging good behaviour and rewarding this can help them feel happy. For example, when you have been out of the house rather than coming in excitable, come in calmly and reward them for sitting and being good. This means that they are far less likely to see your exit from the house as something to be worried about and that in turn helps them to feel relaxed even when you are not home and that is a good thing for everyone.


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