Four Tips To Help Your Cat Get More Out Of Their Mealtimes

Anyone who has a cat knows that mealtimes can sometimes be a bit of a production. Sometimes they will turn their nose up at the food they have been eating happily for months. Sometimes they will suddenly decide that they are not going to drink that water that you put down for them anymore. We all know how quickly things can get difficult in terms of health once your pet starts developing an issue with their food and drink, so here are a few tips to help you to help them get more out of their meals.


Stick To A Routine

While many cats seem to be happiest marching to the beat of their own drum, they often crave familiarity and routine. This is especially important for rescue cats, as any change in the established order of the day could make them worry that their situation and security is in jeopardy. The first 30 days are absolutely crucial. So, make sure that you keep to the set feeding times whenever you can. The occasional treat is fine, but if you are putting down bowls of food, you need to set the rules for them.


Look For A Different Type Of Cat Food

We are sure that as a conscientious cat owner, you will be constantly on the lookout for a better brand of cat food. There are so many different companies out there, and many of them feature ingredients that are less than ideal. For example, many cat foods are chock full of grains, additives and other fillers that bulk them out and make them easy to package. The flipside of making it easier for the company making the food is that it can make it harder for your cat to digest. Grains and other fillers can be linked to gastric issues such as bloat, which is why many pet owners are looking for foods that contain nothing but the natural ingredients. Reveal Pet Food knows that you want the very best for your cat with no nasty surprises, which is why their cat food contains limited ingredients that have been sourced responsibly.


Don’t Bother Them Too Much

Some cats like a fuss more than others, but most of them would rather you left them alone while they are eating. If you have noticed that your cat is only sniffing around their bowl while you are standing over them, try leaving them to it.


Look For Other Ways To Present Water

One of the biggest questions that a lot of cat owners have is how much water should they be drinking a day? It is generally suggested that a cat should drink 60ml per every kilo of body weight, but it really depends on the size and age of the cat. Your cat will be getting a certain amount of water from their wet food, but if you worried that they aren’t drinking then you should think about different ways to present it. For example, consider a dish with no raised sides if they have sensitive whiskers. A fountain may be a better choice as many cats prefer drinking running water.