WW, Weight Watchers reimagined, increases presence in wellness on the High Street by securing key listings in Superdrug and Boots

A range of WW snacking and meal products are now available in the best known health and beauty destinations on the High Street, meeting customer demand to see more products more widely available and further cementing WW’s position as a leading global wellness brand.

There are 15 products currently available in Boots in-store and online and 10 products in Superdrug in-store. The range is selling so well in fact that, from 7th October, Superdrug decided to stock 22 further SKUs online.

The products range from snacking options such as chocolate and cereal bars, cheese crackers and fruit gums to healthy meal options such as gluten-free lentil lasagne sheets and ready meal pots such as chilli con carne. The products are priced between 65p and £2.80 and most contain less than 100 calories. The range also displays SmartPoint* values on the packaging to help members stay on track with their weight loss and wellness journey.

Brenda McNulty, Head of Commercial at WW, states: “We’ve always known that the High Street health and beauty retailers would be a great strategic fit for the WW brand. This is the first time we have worked with Boots and Superdrug and it’s been great to increase our physical availability on shelf with two retailers who have a similar focus to ours.”
“Superdrug tells us that the WW range is the best performing new brand in the diet & fitness category in-store and they have benefited from incremental sales so we’re excited to see what the future holds.”

Anna Hill, General Manager at WW UK, comments: “Our goal is to inspire healthy habits for real life. One way of achieving this is by making sure our products are as widely available as possible, so our members and customers can enjoy them wherever they may be. Our customers understand that we support them in their health and wellbeing goals and where better to find us than when they’re looking after their own healthcare and wellness needs.”

The WW range can be found on the ‘diet & fitness’ fixture at Superdrug. The top sellers since launch at the start of September are the WW Milk Chocolate Cereal Bar, WW Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar, WW Milk Chocolate Peanut Bar and WW Protein Mint Crunch Bar. The myWW Cookbook is the only cookbook currently available in Superdrug.

In Boots, the WW products are listed on the ‘weight management’ fixture. The top sellers since launch in June have been the WW Milk Chocolate Peanut Bar, WW Mixed Fruit Gums, WW Protein Mint Crunch Bar and WW Protein Cheese Cracker.

*Every food and drink has a SmartPoints value: one simple number based on the calories, protein, saturated fat and sugar it contains. Protein drives the SmartPoints value down, while sugar and saturated fat drive it up. You have a personalised SmartPoints budget based on your age, weight, height and sex. As long as you don’t overspend, you can expect to lose up to 2lb a week.

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