VR deployed to transform wellbeing in the workplace

5 February – Coaching Centred Leadership Ltd (CCL) and AdagioVR have announced a new collaborative project to enable behavioural transformation for high performance, and safeguard organisational leadership wellbeing, across all markets.

Investing in new VR technologies
CCL is one of the UK’s most prestigious leadership training practices across international government, banking, the military, transportation and logistics, renewable energy and sporting goods.

Its partnership with AdagioVR – the world’s first virtual-reality high-performance tool that uses gold-standard clinical behavioural transformation – will see immersive VR programmes, with full privacy, governance and remote accessibility, incorporated into its existing, highly successful training days for the first time.

Workplace wellbeing services are not delivering
25% of SME owners experience depression, while 20% have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms and there are reports of widespread unmanaged trauma in the workplace (TAP, 2021). Additionally, in large enterprises and government institutions, 4 in 5 employees are currently suffering from disruptive mental distress that is, in itself, paralysing the economy.

As a result, 85% of business leaders have or are investing in wellbeing solutions. However, even when employers invest in mental health services for their staff, it is often too little too late, and traditional mental health services, in occupational and workplace contexts, are not delivering adequate results.

AdagioVR solves this problem with a 97% success rate, measured using agreed KPIs unique to every client based on the wellbeing of individual participants (confidential issue-resolutions, from PTSD to grief, phobia to addiction, burnout to depression) to their job-performance uplift. The solution unburdens leaders, with all obstacles in this process removed for the first time: everything from fears over optics (for organisations and individuals) to denial or shame, to the problem of remote access, to the impossibility of re-traumatisation.

Ian Milton, CEO of Coaching Centred Leadership, commented:

“We deliver leadership, build high-performing teams and deliver cultural change programmes for our clients. One constant is the need to support people’s mental health. I have personally used AdagioVR and the impact it has will support organisations and more importantly, individuals within. This is another example of partnering with an organisation that has similar values as CCL and a common purpose – to help! AdagioVR is the gateway to a major shift in closing the gap for fast, structured, and effective support for people. We are delighted to be in partnership.”

Robbie Jones, Commercial Director at AdagioVR, added:

“From our first meeting with CCL, we were taken aback both by their case studies over the years, and by the multifarious expertise in their organisation. Its growth has been remarkable, and they are the ideal partner to build on the incredible work of our founders, entrepreneur and international activist, Sanya Rajpal, and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr Pawan Rajpal.

“There’s a great deal of empty gesturing in the world of business, when it comes to the subject of mental health, and its incontrovertible role in improved performance and revenues and less attrition or absence. The mission of this partnership is simple: get the VR headsets and programmes to as many leaders as possible. Remove the need for people to cope. And see organisations sky-rocket.”

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