Vitl launches limited-edition Mind and Body vitamin pack

Personalised vitamin company have just launched a new limited edition Mind and Body vitamin pack.

Each 28-day pack provides a carefully selected combination of four daily supplements designed to help users feel better, look better, sleep better and focus better, all packaged in handy daily strips.

The active probiotic to feel better

For the gut to function at its best, it requires a rich microflora of varied bacteria strains to help process and digest food. This active probiotic contains a broad spectrum of high potency, gut-friendly, live microflora to help contribute towards digestive bacteria balance.

While this supplement of the four is evidently focused on the ‘body’, a healthy gut in turn means a healthy brain. The microbiome influences how a body reacts as it’s linked to the brain through the vagus nerve; a long bundle of fibres that runs throughout the whole body that speak to the enteric nervous system. The gut really is the second brain of the body.

The cleanse complex to look better 

Helping towards clearer skin, this cleanse complex contains natural extracts such as green tea, dandelion, artichoke and turmeric, which may help the body eliminate toxins.

The tranquility blend to sleep better 

Helping to ensure a better night’s sleep, the tranquility supplement contains herbal extracts such as ashwagandha with L-theanine and 5-HTP, as well as magnesium to support psychological function and relaxation in the mind.

Krill Omega 3 to focus better

This Antarctic krill oil provides a highly absorbable and sustainably-sourced dose of Omega 3, key to ensuring the heart, lungs, blood vessels and immune system are all working the way they should.

Speaking on the launch of the new limited-edition pack, Elizabeth Stewart, Registered Associate Nutritionist at, commented:

“After speaking to our customers about the toll the last year has taken on them, we were surprised by the volume of people needing help with sleep, stress and focus. We wanted to create a combination of vitamins that symbiotically worked towards creating both a happy body and a happy mind. Particularly since the start of the pandemic, we’ve noticed a lot of our customers struggling with their mental health and, as a consequence, this also affecting their sleep patterns too. We therefore decided to create a pack that would help not only physical health, but also our customers’ mental health too; after all, this is just as important.”

The limited-edition Mind and Body pack is available to buy through at £20.95 for a one-off pack or £19.95 on a monthly subscription.