VisionID Launches A New Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Service for Irish Businesses

VisionID, a leading Irish managed mobility services provider, has launched a new Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Service to help get Irish companies and employees back to work safely.

This new service, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, enables organisations to help employees observe the correct social distancing and logs any infringements, enabling them to identify anyone who may have been exposed to an employee who is suspected of or has tested positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

VisionID’s Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Service sees each employee assigned their own wristband or lanyard, with a unique ID Code. If social distance parameters between two workers wearing either the wristband or lanyard are infringed, it will alert the employees in real-time and report this to a secure portal for HR or Health & Safety managers to access.

These devices, based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, deliver real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm, creating a report that organisations can rely on.

VisionID’s Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution combines next generation UWB hardware and software to combat COVID-19:

UWB Devices which are accurate to the length of a pen:
• VisionID’s UWB lanyards and wrist bands alert wearers who fail to observe the two metre social distancing rule. If they fail to do this, the wearer receives either an audible or vibrating alert to remind them to stay the required distance and records the user device ID code, and duration of the incident. This technology is built on Ultrawide Broadband (UWB), a wireless technology that delivers real time accurate readings as close as 10-20 cms (about the average length of a pen).
• This is far more accurate than Bluetooth, which is only accurate to within 1-2 metres. UWB also carries more data to transmit data securely to a Gateway hub that stores all information on the device ranging from the ID of the wearer, social distance breaches and duration of those interactions for up to two weeks.

Contact Tracing Portal:
• All social distancing breaches are recorded on a secure network, which can be accessed in the event of a concern about COVID-19 on the premises. VisionID’s easy to use software provides a historical trace report to determine possible co-worker exposure should a person on site be suspected of/or has tested positive for COVID-19.
• This Contact Tracing Software Portal is fully GDPR compliant, allowing customers can choose to keep this data either on their premises or in the cloud.

In addition, VisionID provides full training and support nationwide to ensure seamless adoption of the service and back-up support as required.

Dependent on the exact requirements as VisionID provide the hardware, software, training and ongoing support, the services can cost as little as €3 per employee.

Founded in 2000 in Tipperary, VisionID is a 100% Irish owned company employing over 41 people across Tipperary, Limerick, Dublin and Northern Ireland as well as offices in the UK and USA. It has a broad range of customers in the manufacturing, retail and healthcare industries, ranging from Dell, Hertz, Kerry and HSE.

“This new Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Service is a key solution for companies to solve concerns of employees and customers around their safety in the workplace. It eliminates the risk of people, whether employees or visitors, at a workplace becoming complacent in relation to social distancing, which is a real risk now. It does the social distancing for you and, critically, also logs any breaches so, in the event that there is a concern around someone who has been on the premises, the service can identify who they were in close contact with. This is a milestone product for us but also for the fight against COVID-19 in the workplace,” said Kenneth Arthur, chief commercial officer, VisionID. “It is the first service of its kind to combine a cutting edge blend of hardware and software that will address an immediate and serious need to protect employees who return to work, be it in an office, restaurant, factory, warehouse or shop floor. It will deliver a real time and accurate map any incidents allowing Human Resources or Health and Safety departments to rapidly identify and protect employees while minimising potential downtime. It will also give employees a sense of security and safety knowing that they can get on with their work without having to always be on alert every time a colleague interacts or passes by them.”

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