Unconscious Mind Therapist Robert Hisee launches ground-breaking mind modelling podcast with celebrity guests.

For the past 15 years Robert Hisee, Unconscious Mind Therapist, has been helping people across the globe with issues such as anxiety, depression and addiction. His latest venture takes it to the next level with the exciting launch of a celebrity podcast called MindKite.

Launching later this month, the weekly podcast delves into the processes and patterns of the unconscious mind. From double Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes MBE to social media sensation Dapper Laughs, retired light Heavyweight world champion boxer Johnny Nelson to British DJ and music producer Tom Zanetti, Robert’s unconscious mind therapy based interviews unravel the mindsets of these elite individuals with the aim to expose their common traits.

In today’s society where mental health and wellbeing is such a prevalent topic, the podcasts will look at what part the mind plays in helping people achieve, succeed and be happy.

  • How does the mind drive positivity?
  • How does the unconscious mind of thought lead to recovery and success?
  • What part does positive visualisation play to programme the mind?

As well as discussing the celebrities mental and wellbeing challenges and triumphs, during the podcasts, Robert will discuss common traits and habits between each celebrity in order to map the ultimate mind model for success. Listeners will learn firsthand about the power of positive visualisation and how to achieve the right mindset.

The podcast is also heading Stateside, where Robert already has a list of American celebrities lined up to participate. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Suga Rashad Evans, rapper and hip hop producer Q-Tip and marketing guru “The Nerd” Paul Getter are just a number of celebrities lined up to discuss their careers and the impact of having a positive mindset.

In addition to the Mindkite podcast, Robert has joined forces with Jamie Kerr (Executive Mindset Coach) to create the Mindkite app. Launching imminently, this social media community will operate under a strict code of conduct for all users. Unlike other platforms where negativity or trolling have been so prevalent, the Mindkite app provides users with a safe, positive space. From fitness to nutrition, mind therapy to hypnotherapy, each section of the app will provide content that actively encourages positive health and wellbeing.

Robert comments: “For years I have been working with people, including many celebrities, and used UMT to help treat various issues, as well as helping people make extraordinary improvements to their lives. My new podcasts aim to show a deeper side to UMT and with the help from some of my celebrity clients and friends, I’ll be identifying some clear processes and patterns of the mind that anyone can use to be successful, achieve their goals and how to drive positivity in their lives.”

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