The Top Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

As much of the UK continues to working from home, it can be hard to maintain the productivity you once had in the workplace. The temperature within your home can fluctuate massively throughout the day. Especially if you are working near a south-facing window, as you may be subjected to high volumes of sun as the weather begins to get warmer. This can be difficult to regulate and you may find yourself overheating.

Feeling overheated can cause a range of issues, such as sleepiness, fatigue and low concentration levels. This can affect your productivity and increase stress levels in an already difficult time, making remote working impossible.

Opening windows in the home can be a quick fix but are very likely to create more unnecessary problems. You may have noticed that during this period every one of your neighbours has found the time to carry out their home chores, from cutting the grass to loud DIY projects. This noise pollution can make it increasingly frustrating and difficult to work.

The best solution as we reach summer is to control and balance the temperature in your home or apartment. Internal air conditioning systems are the ideal way to do this. With fresh and cool air circulating your living space, you can maintain the temperature that helps you to work best. Not only increasing your productivity but also making you more relaxed and happy in your home.

Reduce Bacteria, Mould & Allergens From The Air

As many of us are working, homeschooling and living at home, it is very easy for your living space to become cluttered and unhygienic, especially if you have young children. As we all consciously keep our surfaces and surroundings clean with antibacterial products, it is also important to keep the air clean.

Air pollutants in the home can include:

  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Mould
  • Allergens such as pollen
  • Cooking and cleaning products
  • Candles
  • Radon, a naturally occurring gas which can have long-term health implications

Air conditioning systems improve air quality by removing dust and particles from the area. For additional air purification, you can buy special filters that remove bacteria, mould, allergens and pollution. Removing these pollutants creates a healthier environment for those in your family with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. Without this pollution in the air, it can also make it easier to recover from a cold, allergies, or the flu.

Refreshing & Cool Place To Exercise

As we make substantial changes to our normal routines, exercise can feel like it is the last thing on our minds. However, keeping fit and healthy has never been so important and exercising within the home is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Home workouts via live stream have become very popular in the past few months and can be something the whole family can do together. Whilst we workout at home it is very important to stay hydrated and not overheat. Air conditioning helps to provide a cool and comfortable place to exercise, just as you would have in the gym. Making your workouts more enjoyable and rewarding, as you can work out for longer and hit your goals.

Reduces Risk of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a high risk for people who are home-bound with disabilities or illnesses, elderly people with reduced mobility, people who work from home and even pets. If you are within a home or apartment where you are unable to open windows or have access to any form of cooling, there is a much higher possibility that you will suffer from heat exhaustion.

For those at risk, temperature control is key to avoid heat exhaustion and the added health issues this brings. Air conditioning systems perfectly regulate and maintain the ideal temperature for you. With constant air-flow, it eliminates feelings of lethargy and tiredness due to heat and doesn’t get the chance to develop into heat exhaustion.

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