The Mum Cave, Giving “Me Time” to Stressed Mums

Two mums, Lorna Dungey and Collette Costello, from Urmston, Manchester. Have launched a new initiative called “The Mums Cave” to provide a safe space for mums to relax, socialise, and receive support. The idea for the group was born out of conversations the two mothers had while doing the school run, discussing the pressures that modern mums face.

In the past, communities were more close-knit and supportive, with parents sharing responsibilities and children playing freely in the streets. However, today’s mums often juggle careers, manage households, and raise children with little to no support. They are expected to be superwomen, working like they have no kids and parenting like they have no job.

Collette Costello, one of the founders of The Mums Cave, experienced firsthand the challenges of modern motherhood. She was forced to leave her career as a college lecturer due to the high workload and childcare costs. She also found that being a stay-at-home mum could be isolating.

After talking to Lorna Dungey, a qualified therapeutic counsellor, the two mums realised that what mothers needed was a place to relax, socialise, and feel supported. Collette Costello a qualified fashion lecturer and founder of online sewing classes Hack Sew. Realised they could combine their skills, sewing and self–care to create community based workshops for mums.

They wanted to create a “Me Time” space for mums to connect with other mothers who share their experiences. This led to the creation of The Mums Cave, which will hold weekly sessions at the Goodness Zero Waste shop in Urmston.

The Goodness Zero Waste shop was chosen as the venue for The Mums Cave because it is a hub for the community and is committed to making the world a better place. The owner, Lucy, is passionate about sustainability and is eager to support the group.

The Mums Cave will offer a variety of activities to help mums relax and de-stress, including sewing, counselling, and socialising. The sessions will be held on Wednesday mornings for mothers with babies and on Sunday mornings for mothers of older children.

The Mums Cave is different from other meet-ups because it is a safe space for mums to come and share their worries without judgement. Mothers will have the opportunity to work with Lorna on a self-care plan and relax with Collette while chatting with other mums. The goal is to provide a break from the pressures of modern motherhood and help mums feel more supported and connected.

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