Surge in demand for digital physiotherapy treatment from employees during lockdown, says Unum

Employee benefits provider, Unum, has announced that over 1,000 digital physiotherapy bookings have been made by employees since the start of lockdown via its Help@hand health and wellbeing app*.

Almost half (49%) of Help@hand physiotherapy bookings since July have been for either back, neck or shoulder problems – key areas that could be derived from poor posture, or be brought on by remote or home-based working, if the correct environment and setups are not in place.

Help@hand provides personalised treatment with bespoke exercises from an assigned physiotherapist via the Help@hand app. Usually delivered via video consultation, Help@hand’s network of physios are also able to send out equipment such as heat packs, foam rollers and stretch bands at no additional cost after their consultation – supporting the individual’s treatment plan and home exercise programme.

95% of Help@hand users that accessed Unum’s physiotherapy service and completed a feedback form, agreed that their healthcare professional had fully dealt with their concerns on the day**

Unum’s Help@hand service provides fast, direct access to medical experts – including personalised physiotherapy treatment plans, mental health support, medical second opinions and unlimited access to remote GPs. The employee benefits provider also integrated their Employee Assistance Programme within the app in April this year, to provide a comprehensive digital health and wellbeing offering for employees in the workplace.

The service is available at no additional cost for employees insured through a Unum Group Income Protection policy and has exponentially grown in 2020 – with over 6,000 appointments booked so far.

Peter O’Donnell, CEO of Unum UK commented: “Our remote healthcare service has proven invaluable for many over the past few months, facilitating access to physiotherapists and GPs quickly without the need for face to face appointments and avoiding additional pressure on NHS resources. The challenges of the pandemic have clearly had a physical, psychological or emotional impact on many workers and these pressures are likely to continue over the coming months. Employers can support wellbeing and productivity by ensuring their staff are fully aware of virtual physiotherapy and other remote health services they have available to them.”

 *Including partners and children up to the age of 24

**Data from July-September 2020

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