Social distancing reduced COVID transmission by 84%, say researchers

Social distancing rules reduced how contagious COVID-19 was, reveals new research from the University of Cologne.

This research was conducted by Professor Immanuel Hansen, and examined the effect of social distancing on the contagion rate of COVID-19.

Social distancing rules were introduced into several countries during COVID and the research found that the policies were successful in leading to limited contact and mobility between humans.

In fact, in comparison to if there was no social distancing, policies avoided 84% of the potential COVID-19 cases and 66% of fatalities in Germany.

These policies effects were smaller for individuals above 60 and in rural areas who are already at higher risk of COVID-19.

The research was conducted by examining the effects of the German social distancing policies on behaviour and the epidemics spread. Professor Hansen and the researchers used staggered timings of COVID-19 outbreaks in extended event-study models.

This research was published in the Journal “How effective are social distancing policies? Evidence on the fight against COVID-19”.