Rugby Star and New Dad, Anthony Watson, Speaks Out about Storing His Son’s Cord Blood

Rugby Star and new dad Anthony Watson reveals in an exclusive interview that he and his partner, Alyse Miller, stored their son’s umbilical cord blood with London based cord blood stem cell storage company, Smart Cells.

Anthony Watson and Alyse Miller welcomed baby boy, Kai, into their lives in November 2020. In his interview, Anthony reveals how they chose to collect and store Kai’s umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells to safeguard against potential future illnesses, something that Anthony was very passionate about having heard about stem cell research first hand in his career.

UK based cord blood collection and stem cell storage company Smart Cells were Anthony’s choice for collecting and storing their baby’s stem cells. These precious cells are only able to be collected from the umbilical cord at birth, making it a once in a lifetime opportunity to access a rich source of these potentially lifesaving cells. They can be safely stored to be used in a huge number of future treatments. Thanks to their highly adaptive nature and their ability to multiply rapidly and transform into blood, bone, tissue and organ cells, stem cells can treat more than 80 diseases and illnesses with ongoing research into even more future possibilities.

Cord blood stem cell storage is still a relatively unknown service, so in the interest of all parents, but particularly for dads who are often not able to feel as involved in the birth process, Anthony Watson has chosen to speak out on the topic and why they chose it for their family:

We decided to store our baby’s stem cells to be able to have the most advanced treatment options for our child and future children as well as family members. As a parent, it seemed like a no brainer to be able to provide in case of any eventuality for our child and future proof against various illnesses.

“I had heard of the use of stem cells for rejuvenation of joints due to my career. However, having done my research alongside conversations with Smart Cells, the massive range of treatments it can provide is far greater than I had thought or heard about.

“The process was even easier than expected. The phlebotomist was calm and easy to deal with during a period of high stress – which made the whole thing so much easier. I was expecting to have to deal with numerous people at the hospital – gaining clearance etc., especially due to COVID, but this was not the case. Smart Cells handled it all!

I would and will continue to be a massive advocate for the service – in an area in which the possibilities of its use are only going to grow and grow. Nobody can predict the future – so as a parent safeguarding against possibilities, no matter how unlikely, is paramount. When you combine this with the ease in which Smart Cells makes the whole process, it makes it simple.”