Researchers reveal Brits want an improved work/life balance post pandemic

A new study of 2,000 Brits reveals 73% of people working from home said they would like an improved work / life balance once restrictions are lifted.

The study, by natural cosmetics company Weleda, found that over half of Brits (58%) who worked from home spent more time outside during lockdown, compared to pre-pandemic. Almost half (46%) now get out into nature at least 4 times a week. Once lockdown is lifted, two thirds (66%) say they want to spend even more time outdoors.

The research found that connecting with nature is among the top three benefits to come out of lockdown (24%), with a third of Brits (34%) saying going out for walks helps them cope with lockdown restrictions and 28% find the great outdoors relieves the stress of the pandemic. Almost three-quarters (62%) notice a positive uplift in their mood on days they have spent time in nature.

Weleda has been committed to working in harmony with nature and humans since its first seeds were sown in 1921 and its purpose remains to help people to connect with nature. Weleda created #100PlacesInNature in its 100th year to inspire more of us to explore the great outdoors and discover new local areas of natural beauty during lockdown and beyond, to increase our connection with nature.

Jayn Sterland, Managing Director, Weleda UK & Ireland says: “Despite the hardships of the pandemic, we have seen more people rediscover and reconnect with nature. The restrictions have helped us slow down and look towards the outside world for reassurance, reconnecting us with nature. Weleda’s purpose, established 100 years ago, has never been more relevant than in today’s world – our products are made entirely from sustainable ingredients sourced responsibly to support both people and planet. And we work in harmony with nature to do this. We hope that our #100PlacesInNature list inspires people to get outside, because we know connecting with nature even for just a few minutes a day will make a positive impact upon our physical and mental well-being.”

Weleda’s 100 Places In Nature list ( ) includes eight Wildlife Trust sites. Jo Smith, Chief Executive,
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, says: “We are passionate about increasing people’s understanding of the natural world. Getting outside is something many of us have relied upon during the pandemic, so we hope Weleda’s 100 Places In Nature across the UK inspire more people to feel the benefits. There are 46 Wildlife Trusts all around the UK that look after 2,300 diverse nature reserves from ancient woodlands to open heathland, providing people with the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives and 60% of the British population live within a three mile walk of these reserves.”

For people craving more than their daily exercise in nature, or those unable to get outside, Weleda’s new digital Open Garden – means you can take a virtual stroll and experience unlimited nature, without leaving your home. The app offers 360° views of Weleda Gardens from around the world. Hear from experts on topics ranging from biodiversity, climate, soil and sourcing. Surround yourself with bird song from Brazil or journey through fields of lavender in Moldova.