Quarter of Gen Z considering Freezing Sperm as 3 times as many are having fertility Issues compared to older generations

Leading Surgeons Tet Yap and his internationally renowned partner Professor Suks Minhas are co-founders of new Men’s Health Clinic, London Andrology, to support men with conditions associated with male fertility and sexual function. The leading minds have also published an extensive survey*, The Fertility Index, to show how men and women across the UK understand and manage fertility and sexual health issues.

The index has highlighted that fertility issues have risen hugely over the last two generations with 16% of those under 34s being impacted by fertility issues when they have tried to conceive compared to just 6% of those over 55s. The figures show a concerning trend in a rise in fertility issues across the UK which mirrors recent reports showing a surge in infertility in both men and women across the western world.

The survey also highlighted that more than 1 in 4 (26%) of those under 35 consider freezing sperm or eggs while young to help with conceiving later in life as millions delay having children young. The average age to have a child in the UK is now 31 but many couples are waiting until their late 30s or even early 40s to try for children. Freezing healthy sperm or eggs when young can extend the period that couples can conceive and can also help with fertility issues which are more likely to increase with age.

The leading minds in their field have worked together for over 15 years, developing the most advanced treatments for sexual and reproductive needs. With their extensive clinical and research experience, the team has developed rigorous and patient-centred approaches to treating men’s health conditions. The new clinic is expected to lead the way in treating men’s health conditions – from fertility to sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction.

Surgeon Tet Yap, Co-founder of the clinic, commented on the launch, “Unfortunately, men’s fertility and sexual health issues are still taboo subjects for far too many of us. The Fertility Index was designed to encourage couples to openly discuss their fertility and sexual health issues and understand what can impact their sexual performances.

It is concerning to see some of the trends and how fertility issues are increasing in the UK compared to previous generations and our clinic is designed to offer a safe place for men, their partners, and loved ones to discuss their concerns openly and what options are available to help.”

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