Pet Experts Claim That Our Pooch Makes Us More Productive During WFH

New research has revealed that our pets are making us more productive while working from home.

The research, which was conducted by Garden Buildings Direct, one of the UK’s leading garden office suppliers, found that having a pet while working from home can boost mental wellbeing and implement a structure into our schedules, making us more active during the pandemic.

After speaking to a number of pet experts and performance psychologists, Garden Buildings Direct discovered 5 different ways our pooch can increase productivity while we work remotely.

Other findings suggested that:

  • Dogs implement routine into our WFH structure
  • Pets reduce stress and improve our mental health which contributes to productivity
  • Dogs make us more active, providing us with energy and inspiration during WFH

More information can be found here:

Dogs instigate healthy routines, having to get up in the morning to feed and then walk them gives us a feeling of stability and structure which we can apply to our WFH schedule. Research has shown that dedicating time to our pets makes us more active and improves our mental health, which in turn boosts our energy and inspires us to be more productive.

The pet experts further commented on the findings:

Dr. Heather Venkat, DVM, Title: Companion Animal Veterinarian with VIP Puppies, commented:

“Some may view having to take their dog outside to potty or for a short walk as an interruption, but it is better for my productivity in the long run because I feel rejuvenated and refreshed after coming back inside. My dog actually helps me to tackle my work better by being a companion and helps motivate me so that I don’t feel alone while working.”

Brandon Egley, Dog Friendly Sheffield, commented:

“Studies have found that having a dog around can reduce stress, and stroking a dog for 10 minutes can lower cortisol levels while also increasing the release of our feel-good hormones.”

Charles Walton, Founder and CEO at Kybotech – brands include Garden Buildings Direct and soon to launch Ritely Advanced Pet Nutrition – commented:
“There are many benefits to having a dog in the office, including while many of us continue to work from home. When we have a dog, we factor their schedule into our daily routine. Implementing tasks, such as simply walking the dog, can help increase productivity, as we not only fall into a healthy routine while working from home, but learn to take a screen break and step outside which is beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

“Garden Buildings Direct have launched a WFH office log cabin range, the newest addition being the BillyOh Mia, which is perfect for newly remote workers looking for a productive WFH office space. We are also launching our new advanced pet nutrition brand Ritely, which aims to cater to your pet’s nutritional needs as we aim to put our unsung heroes of lockdown first with our new healthy dog food range.”


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