Oxford Healthspan launches first-of-its-kind plant-derived spermidine powder so it easier than ever to target the root causes of ageing.

Longevity supplement brand Oxford Healthspan has announced the launch of a novel food-derived spermidine powder from Japan, making it easier than ever before to get this vital longevity compound into your daily routine. The company’s Primeadine spermidine supplement has already won awards and accolades from celebrities, including Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford and British TV broadcaster Carol Vorderman, and is recommended by leading longevity scientists and doctors across the world. But for those who find swallowing capsules a chore, the company has now made it available in powdered form to easily add this nutty, sweet superfood to smoothies, shakes, and porridge.

Each serving contains 1mg of the cleanest, purest food-derived Japanese spermidine, an organic molecule we all make in abundance when we are young, but which declines with age. Spermidine has been found to target 9 of the 12 root causes of ageing and trigger autophagy, our body’s cellular “clean up” process, making it an essential anti-ageing tool with wide-reaching benefits both inside and out. Scientists have shown spermidine can improve lifespan, memory and cognition, sleep, hair growth (including eyelashes and brows), and our skin and nail health.

Each powder pouch contains a 3-month supply. Customers can also choose to upgrade to the luxury starter kit, which contains a powder pouch plus a hand-crafted Japanese wild cherry bark “Kiseki” box for storing the powder and a recipe booklet for inspiration into using spermidine in your daily routine. “Kiseki” means miracle in Japanese, and the storage box is so named to describe how the Japanese wild cherry trees are only able to regenerate their bark after 80 years of age, echoing the company’s philosophy that it is possible to get better with age.

CEO of Oxford Healthspan Leslie Kenny says: “After many requests from customers for a non-capsule version of our award-winning Primeadine spermidine supplement, we’re thrilled to be bringing the first plant-derived spermidine superfood powder to the market, making smart ageing easier than ever before. We know that the healthy centenarian populations in the world’s longevity hotspots, such as Okinawa, Japan, have a high intake of spermidine in their daily diets, unlike those in the West. Primeadine spermidine powder is a way to get more of this vital Japanese nutrient into your daily diet.”

About Oxford Healthspan
Oxford Healthspan formulates and manufactures food-derived spermidine supplements based on scientific research conducted by their scientific advisors at the University of Oxford. They are the only non-Japanese member of the Japan Autophagy Consortium, which works directly with the 2016 Nobel Prize-winning scientist who explained the mechanisms of autophagy. They also sponsor The Oxford Longevity Project, a series of public service webinars around the latest scientific breakthroughs around autophagy and aging. For more information on Primeadine spermidine, visit: https://oxfordhealthspan.com/

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