Over two thirds of Britons don’t know what their BMI is

A recent study by digital pharmacy www.medino.com looks at how aware the British public are of their physical health and wellbeing, with the findings showing that less than a third of Britons know what their BMI is (29% of respondents). The digital pharmacy conducted a study to over 2,200 UK adults, with the aim of uncovering how aware we are of our physical health.

Following the ‘Know Your Numbers’ awareness week from Blood Pressure UK in September – where everyone in the nation was encouraged to check their blood pressure – the team at the digital pharmacy wanted to uncover what else, other than blood pressure, we should be monitoring on a regular basis.

When the study asked the public what personal health information they know, results uncovered that:

  • 78% (of respondents) know their weight
  • 52% know their blood pressure
  • 36% know their blood type
  • 29% know their BMI
  • 12% know their fasting glucose levels

Although only 29% say that they know their BMI, 62% of those say that they do check it at least once a year, in order to make sure that they’re looking after themselves.

Furthermore, when asked whether they’d visited their GP or doctors’ surgery for an NHS Health Check, 61% of over 50-year-olds said that they attend a health check at least once a year.

With just over half of respondents saying that they know their blood pressure, as many as one in five of those (22%) said that they own a blood pressure monitor so that they can keep an eye on the numbers. Two in five (38%) said that they get their blood pressure checked on a regular basis, while 72% get checked when they go for regular GP appointments.

Giulia Guerrini, the lead pharmacist at digital pharmacy www.medino.com comments on the findings:

“It’s quite shocking to see that although 78% of UK residents know their weight, less than a third know their BMI, resulting in a lack of understanding about healthy lifestyles and the impact of high or low weight on the body.

“However, it is positive to see that over half of the nation are aware of their blood pressure, with so many proactively checking on it, even while at home.”