nuom releases “The Digital Health Horizon : 24 Trends for 2024”

Digital health transformation agency nuom has released its predictions for the key healthcare trends for 2024. The company has put together a list of 24 trends that will take over the market this year. Ranging from artificial intelligence and digital twins to personalised healthcare and patient empowerment, the trends report can be downloaded free of charge here:

The report predicts that healthcare will evolve at an unprecedented pace in the next few months, but for it to be effective, we need to make sure we put people and patients first. This is why whole person care, personalised medicine and patient empowerment and femtech will be crucial in 2024.

And as many pundits have expected, the power of AI is only set to grow in the coming years. It is already being used in providing rapid and accurate diagnosis tools and enabling drug discovery and development across the world.

Digital twins, a concept that first emerged in manufacturing, has now found a home in the healthcare sector. These computational models of physical bodies are updated using data from their real-world counterparts so within medicine, this means combining vast amounts of data about the workings of genes, proteins, cells and whole-body systems with patients’ personal data to create virtual models of their organs – and eventually, potentially their entire body.

Virtual reality has been proven to work exceptionally well in therapeutic environments. From treating patients with phobias and anxiety to helping with pain management, they have been proven to provide relief for chronic conditions.

Artificial reality on the other hand, has been used by surgeons via smart glasses, to access important information they need in a real-time, hands-free environment — without having to look away from the procedure to check a computer screen. Other applications include mixed reality applications that enable surgeons to complete more complex procedures in an easier and more sustainable manner. This can sometimes mean getting better access and positioning to the patient or even getting support remotely from another practitioner located on the other side of the globe.

“When we put together this report we spend hundreds of hours looking at new techniques and technologies and keeping our ear to the ground when it comes to medical innovation”, explained Martin Sandhu, CEO of nuom. “We carefully sifted through this abundance of information to bring to you the trends we feel are most likely to affect our lives. And as each human is a potential patient, this report makes an essential read for anyone who cares about their health and wellbeing.”

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