NHSPS: Why Mental Health Awareness at Work is Vital

This month, we celebrated World Mental Health Day (10 October). Even though that official day has passed, NHS Property Services (NHSPS) is mindful that our efforts to improve and protect our mental health should be ongoing.

Due to the pandemic, we experienced isolation, and the trend towards working from home means many people still spend a lot of time alone. We might also have had other health stresses or felt anxious about the current news and economic climate.

As the winter draws near and the days shorten, our regular routines can be disrupted, so it’s a great time of the year to reflect and implement positive habits. This isn’t just for those already affected by mental health issues; prevention is just as crucial as a cure.

This is why NHS Property Services (NHSPS) has launched a Mental Health Awareness E-learning course for all colleagues across the business this month. The initiative is split into four modules: Understanding mental health, Understanding the mental health continuum, stress and burnout, Understanding the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and Supporting your wellbeing.

Georgia Shaw, NHS Property Services Culture and Inclusion Coordinator, said: “We all have mental health. When it’s good, we have a sense of direction and purpose and can handle day to day stresses. But just as our physical health can fluctuate, our mental health also goes through ups and downs. Many people experience poor mental health, with sustained periods of low mood, anxiety or loneliness, for example.

“Unfortunately, mental health misconceptions and stigmas can prevent people from seeking help, leading to more severe mental health issues. This is why it’s so vital for us to raise awareness and collectively create a caring and inclusive culture here at NHSPS, where every colleague knows they are not alone.

“All NHSPS colleagues must complete this training. However, we hope colleagues don’t do it because they have to, but because they understand the significance of mental health awareness. You never know when you or someone in your life may need support,” added Georgia.


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