New online community offering coaching and meaningful career guidance launched

A platform which combines expert career coaching with publishing pragmatic career advice has launched with a vision to empower women seeking work and life fulfilment.

Yellow Eve, founded by Lauren Webb, is a supportive online community where members can access a wealth of high-calibre virtual sessions alongside free digital magazine content. The platform has already partnered with more than 50 well-known coaches from across the UK and is dedicated to offering career-driven women an affordable and convenient series of ongoing practical sessions.

Lauren’s drive to establish Yellow Eve was started as she felt “underserved” online in terms of accessing meaningful career guidance. She said: “I’m not here for vague bullet-points. I wanted to find solutions for my specific questions and access genuine support about how to have a great career and overcome challenges; and I know there are other women out there feeling the same. That’s where I realised Yellow Eve could come in.”

Yellow Eve offers a unique combination of live training, networking, group coaching workshops and 1:1 coaching virtually. Members can access bespoke support, as well as connect with others experiencing similar things. Key topics include purpose-aligned work, fair pay, flexible working, feeling energised and setting healthy boundaries.

Lauren established Yellow Eve after “falling into” a series of unfulfilling roles at the start of her career, which often saw her in jobs where she didn’t have a clear remit. She re-located to work in Australia for a few years, where she edited a business publication aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs.

After taking inspiration from her connections, Lauren returned to the UK in early 2020 with a determination to move forward with her ambition to launch a business.  “I was fortunate enough to speak with so many women and men who were setting up their own businesses and had great success stories,” said Lauren.

“In that role, I learnt how to run a publication but also how to run a business from many conversations with these great people. I realised it was possible to start my own venture.

“Gender diversity and empowering women has always been a passion of mine – I love to see my peers and members achieve. Combining the desire to start my own business with supporting women to have amazing careers just felt right.”

Lauren, who is also the editor of the platform, said: “I had a business coach and she really propelled me forwards. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to launch Yellow Eve so quickly. She helped me to focus and narrow things down.

“I believe that accessing coaching and expert advice is a really valuable investment in both time and money in order to fulfil a balance of work and life ambitions.”

With a growing membership of female freelancers, solopreneuers and those in employed roles, Yellow Eve is going from strength to strength as people increasingly work from home. In the first two months, more than 6,000 web page views were recorded. Lauren spends her time crafting the right online events and articles for the audience, alongside the coaches she partners with, and in the future sees the team expanding.

During 2021, Yellow Eve also plans to partner with businesses so their female employees can benefit from the bespoke development opportunities offered by the hub; in turn boosting career progession and morale.

Lauren added: “I’m very passionate about the quality of the content we publish and about generating interesting, interactive events. Our live sessions are a great format as the coaches are speaking to an engaged audience wanting to learn and better themselves.

“It’s all about having an approachable, adaptable space for women to develop and invest in themselves. They are reading tangible advice from credible coaches and can also talk to them directly too. I feel really excited for what can be achieved for members, helping to ensure there’s a supportive community and an overriding sense of ‘we’ve got your back’.”

Abigail Ireland, who coaches people to achieve peak performance through mind, body and business to optimise their best selves, partnered with Yellow Eve from the start. Abigail said that the importance of digital connections and support had become more “amplified” through 2020 and therefore it was a strong time to launch a dedicated platform such as Yellow Eve.

She said: “The platform is fresh, dynamic, modern and so useful for people in a professional environment. I have run several sessions for members of Yellow Eve now and they’ve all been brilliant; it’s a community of women seeking improve and look after themselves.

“I’ve been working on energy management with members. Everybody comes with different challenges and focuses. I have been supporting people to kickstart their day even when they perhaps don’t feel energised or productive; allowing them to really achieve work/life balance while working at home more.”

Abigail helps people to acknowledge how times have been challenging but also recognise how and when to give themselves a re-boot. “Sometimes people get overwhelmed and having a network of trusted professionals going through similar experiences does help,”added Abigail.

“I’m really pleased to connect with Yellow Eve members, they’re ambitious and creative; but also require a holistic approach to how they can achieve a balanced, fulfilling life outside of work too. Some networks are just about work. But being your best isn’t just about being good at your job – it’s everything else that makes the person the best they can be.”


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