MyHealthChecked reveals how decoding your DNA can help keep you fit and healthy


As the New Year approaches, so does the anticipation of embarking on a New Year, New You health kick and confronting the daunting scales. The impact of indulging in festive treats on annual weight gain is well documented, causing concern for many. Yet few know the crucial role biology plays in shaping their response to food and exercise. Imagine having the ability to understand your body’s reaction to diet and exercise though DNA analysis. Armed with this information, small tweaks to the festive diet could save pounds on the scales come January.

MyHealthChecked’s Weight Management DNA test allows people to gain valuable insights into how their body responds to different foods and exercise routines. By analysing their genetic profile, the test identifies specific genetic markers that influence metabolism, appetite, and other factors related to weight management. Armed with this knowledge, people can make targeted dietary adjustments to suit their genetic makeup and avoid, or at least reduce the dreaded January diet slog, making January and beyond a more enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable journey.

Dr. Yiannis Mavrommatis, Nutrigenetics Expert at MyHealthChecked says ” The popular diets that people follow, such as the 5:2 don’t account from someone’s personal genetic make-up, their individual requirements or lifestyles, and this can lead to disappointment all round when it comes to losing weight. Understanding your weight DNA is the key to achieving long-term weight management success and what better time to look at this than ahead of the festive period so you can make informed choices to help lessen the impact on scales come the New Year. Our at-home DNA testing can help consumers understand if they have a genetic predisposition to weight gain. The results of this test can indicate a disposition to obesity based on factors such as taste preferences, metabolism, satisfaction, and exercise. While DNA testing may sound complex, our easy-to-use tests provide simple & clear insights that enable you to take proactive steps towards your New Year, New You health goals.”

MyHealthChecked at-home health tests offer a convenient, non-invasive, and confidential way for individuals to uncover valuable insights into their health. The process for the Weight Management DNA test is simple: Order the kit, collect a swab sample from inside your mouth and send it to MyHealthChecked. Within a few days, individuals will receive a comprehensive report detailing their genetic predispositions and personalised recommendations for optimising weight management.

Visit to learn more about the range of health tests available to purchase online. Selected tests are also available at Boots stores across the UK and at RRP £54.00.

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