Mental Health Week: Rangeford Villages’ Integrated Approach to Wellbeing Helps Residents Thrive

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1.4 million older people are affected by loneliness with 1 in 10 over 65s feeling lonely some or all of the time. Loneliness amongst the elderly continues to be one of modern society’s key issues and forward-thinking property developers have taken this on board to create friendly and engaging living solutions.

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (15 – 21 May), the award-winning retirement living specialist, Rangeford Villages, has conducted a nationwide survey on 2,002 retirees aged between 65 to 80 years old to unveil the physical and mental wellbeing of the UK’s elderly population.

The results suggest that maintaining a healthy, active and socially inclusive lifestyle is imperative in enhancing satisfaction with life and boosting happiness levels throughout the ageing process with almost 90% of retirees agreeing that looking after their wellbeing is very important, and 83% thinking that staying physically active is extremely vital.

To ensure that every resident has their emotional, physical and mental needs supported, Rangeford Villages rolled out a holistic wellbeing programme, “Wellbeing by Rangeford”, which integrates four foundations of wellbeing into all aspects of village life and beyond: Purpose, Health, Community, and Environment. The all-encompassing approach allows residents to take advantage of the carefully selected wellbeing specialists at each village, who will assess each resident’s needs and wishes to create a tailored wellbeing plan for them to thrive and live an enriched life.

Recognising the fact that most people become less mobile as they age with only 1 in 10 over 65s active for 150 minutes per week, as recommended by the NHS, Rangeford Villages strives to make exercising more accessible for the growing number of health-conscious retirees as it provides its residents a wealth of exceptional first-class amenities to promote general health and fitness. This encompasses a fully-equipped gym, exercise studio and spa that includes a jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna, and steam room.

Sheila Diviney, a 74-year-old resident who is entering her third year at Wadswick Green, Rangeford’s first and largest development, says: “I have always been active and a regular gym-goer, so having access to a range of facilities to help me stay physically active was a top priority when it came to picking a retirement home. After visiting several retirement villages, the amount of space at Rangeford devoted to high quality fitness and wellness facilities was a huge draw to me. I utilise the gym one to three times per week and join group yoga classes, as well as pilates and qigong. I also love that residents get to be actively involved in setting up their own clubs and organising activities themselves.”

Sheila continues: “There’s an abundance of walking paths around the village and the idyllic setting encourages you to leave the confines of the four walls of your apartment and go get some fresh air. Walking groups are also run weekly offering short strolls to long walks if you prefer to do it in company.”

With Rangeford’s survey showing that physical health decline is the most common reason why retirees’ wellbeing are negatively impacted, the leading later living provider boasts a full range of state-of-the-art equipment, expert personal trainers, and extensive fitness classes across its developments for its residents to stay fit and improve long-term mobility.

Rangeford Villages has created a number of integrated retirement living communities to offer the over 60s a peace of mind where they can lead a life as independent or active as they want it to be. This includes the creation of five successful retirement villages across the UK: Wadswick Green in Wiltshire, Mickle Hill in North Yorkshire, Siddington Park in Cirencester, Homewood Grove in Chertsey, Strawberry Fields in Cambridgeshire, as well as a newly acquired site in Dorking.

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