Love and Transformational Healer Set to Inspire at Mind Body Spirit Festival

This week, Marcela Onyx, who is a Love and Transformational Healer, is set to speak at Mind Body Spirit Festival in Birmingham, on 17th and 18th November.

Marcela is an international bestseller, author and well-known speaker in the field of personal and spiritual growth, who is celebrated for her inspirational journey. As a Love and Transformational Healer, Marcela helps individuals heal past pain and traumas, discover inner peace, ignite love, and connect with their core identity, resulting in a life-transforming journey of profound and lasting change.

The Mind Body Spirit Festival is bringing together inspirational and motivational speakers, musicians, artists and performers from across the globe. Marcela will be delivering her first workshop on Friday, entitled ‘Love Carries On – Reconnecting With Our Beloved Ones.’

Marcela said; “Many of us have experienced love in various forms, from the unconditional love of family and friends to the bond with a beloved pet, partner, and soulmate. However, at certain points in our life’s journey, we experience moments of separation and grief, leaving us feeling emptiness and sorrow wondering about the presence of our loved ones beyond the physical realm. This workshop delves into the transformative power of love, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

“This journey extends beyond personal experiences to explore the universal nature of love, spirituality, and the profound connection between souls. Gain insights into how love endures beyond physical existence and how it carries on, bringing profound healing through reconnection with our beloved ones as we learn that they are always with us.”

On the Saturday, she will be taking to the stage again to share her second workshop ‘Awaken to Life & Love – The Courage to Step into Your Best Relationship.’ Marcela asks: “Do you truly understand yourself, your relationships, and how you’ve navigated life’s challenges? Regardless of your identity or relationship status, we all share the common desire to be loved, heard, seen, and understood. But what do we do when life introduces challenges and turning points that have the potential to reshape our existence? In this workshop attendees will discover how it’s not only possible but profoundly liberating to rise from moments of disempowerment, navigate the shadows of grief, and conquer times of feeling hopeless, invisible, and unlovable.”

Marcela is driven by true passion and purpose, and her journey has seen her overcome huge adversities including losing her husband. Both these talks are inspired by her newly released book ‘Awaken to Embrace Vulnerability and Sexuality’, written in memory of her beloved soulmate. It’s inspired by her own journey of healing, self-discovery, and reawakening after experiencing sudden and unexpected grief.

This week, Marcela is also celebrating her co-authorship with Ken Honda and James Redfield in her third book project, with other four book deals set to be launched by April 2024.

Marcela’s proficiency spans various domains, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling Skills, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, personal and spiritual development, and recognition as a Sexologist by the American Board of Sexology. She is also known as an evidential Spiritual Medium, Artist, Holistic Therapist, and Teacher. Marcela’s unique combination of skills enables her to form deep connections with individuals, guiding them toward personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Marcela concludes; “After facing profound grief, trauma, and other challenges, I embarked on a new journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. This experience renewed my commitment to serve others with love, integrity, and unconditional positive regard.”

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