Live-in care enquiries and searches rocket as Brits consider post-pandemic options for loved ones

Care homes have not fared particularly well or been painted favourably in the press since covid-19 began. Due to their very nature of communal living, they have sadly become hotspots for covid infections and deaths due to the vulnerability, age and health conditions of elderly people living in close conditions all together.

Many of us are instead turning to alternative at-home care options. Google search trends highlight a 220% increase in monthly searches relating to live-in care from 2019-2020 too, only further highlighting the demand and steer towards live-in care options.

The Live In Care Company has just reported a record spike in enquiries since the pandemic began; a staggering three-fold increase!. Meaning more families seeking a whole host of live-in care solutions; from visiting or domiciliary care, personal and hygiene support, permanent live-in care options, and overnight or respite carers to give family members a break.

Luca Rado, co-founder of The Live In Care Company says:

“We’ve seen enquiries increase three-fold since the pandemic began with a corresponding increase in uptake. A lot of this is likely owing to the fact that family members now see it as essential that their loved ones receive care at home where they can maintain regular contact within the prevailing rules.

At-home care was already on an upward trend before March last year, but the pandemic has accelerated this. We’ve all had time to think about health, sickness and the degree to which interaction with loved ones is absolutely essential. So I think that as a post-pandemic situation emerges, at-home care options will become an even more logical option for many families.

Many of our clients have even chosen to bring back loved ones from care homes; they’re telling us that being cared for on a one-to-one basis at home by a live-in carer is their preferred option. Especially when set against the alternative of moving into residential care, which can be extremely stressful for clients and family alike. Couple this with the fact that services like ours are often less expensive – and can be better tailored and bespoke to the needs of the individual – and it’s clear to see why the care industry is undergoing a big transformation.”

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