Job security worries keeping over half of women awake each night

With employment in the UK falling by the largest amount in over a decade, new research has found that 56% of women in the UK are losing up to three hours sleep per night worrying about job security.

The study, carried out by health and wellness company Yumi Nutrition, via a reputable independent provider, has highlighted the impact work worries are having on our sleep as job cuts continue with the UK now in a recession.

Worry about job security is an issue affecting women more poignantly than men (39%), whilst financial difficulty is another key concern with over one in 10 women being kept up for a shocking six hours each night worrying about money.

Other concerns keeping women up at night include health worries, having to wear a mask, the worry of children returning to school next month and loneliness which is keeping a quarter of women awake for up to an hour per night.

As a result, 89% of women say they don’t feel well-rested when they wake up with respondents now averaging fewer hours of sleep per night than they were getting during lockdown. This lack of sleep is also having a knock-on effect on our enthusiasm with only 6% of women saying they feel motivated at the moment.

Despite the sleeping issues they’re facing, just under half (45%) of people say they don’t try any techniques to help them drift off. With this in mind, Yumi Nutrition has created a ‘Bedtime Zone’ on its website with a number of resources to help improve your sleep including a downloadable sleep diary and a sleep calculator.

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