Esteemed clinician calls for improved standards in aesthetics industry

Leading medical skincare expert Sara Cheeney is hoping to change the face of the cosmetic industry with her vision for higher standards in aesthetics.

Sara’s first venture was Pinks nail and beauty salon in Rossett, which she opened 10 years ago after leaving her career as a nurse, later turning her attention to medical skincare.  Sara then launched Pure Perfection Clinic in the same village on the border of Wrexham and Chester two years ago and hasn’t looked back – however, despite the business growing from two to seven staff in recent years, with even more expansion planned, 27-year-old Sara continues to deliver training, talks and workshops across the UK and in Europe..

Sara says:

“The UK is the only country that is so unregulated and allows all sorts of non-medical unscrupulous practitioners to inject and do treatments, therefore I want everything to be of the highest standards possible.”

“Pure Perfection is already held up as a beacon of best practice and other practitioners turn to us for advice and training, and we want to make this a hub for learning and knowledge, for the good of the industry.

“Let’s raise the bar and ensure medical aesthetics is carried out by professionals who have a true passion for skin health and the ageing process.

“I’m part of the #safetyinbeauty campaign online trying to name and shame bad work and bad standards and would urge patients to find out more to ensure they are not the casualty of unprofessional malpractice.”

Sara successfully grew the company while fighting breast cancer and raising two young children and now has big plans for the future, including new premises incorporating a training academy and expansion of their popular HydraFacial facilities.

Sara believes aesthetic therapies can be life-changing.  Having suffered with psoriasis as a teenager herself she is determined to support those who have experienced issues with their skin and is keen to “give back” to those in need of support.

“When I was 15 years old I had psoriasis and it really troubled me, it made me very self-conscious when doing sports and activities at school and affected me mentally as well as physically,”, said Sara, who lives in Llangollen with accountant husband Chris, and children Eve, nine, and six year-old Tomi.

“Eventually I was referred to a clinic in Liverpool and it’s there I developed an interest in helping others as I discovered all the treatments available in medical aesthetics; the facilities and services were life-changing.

For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter and Facebook at @purepclinic and Instagram @pureperfectionrossett.

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