Easter Hacks – Inspirational Mum Influencer Star Casey Major-Bunce is on a Mission to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm by Sharing Hacks Focused on Fun Family Time

Casey Major-Bunce, 32 from Portsmouth is a mum of 4 and an inspirational mum influencer on a mission to reduce stress and overwhelm by sharing mum hacks focused on fun family time.  Here, Portsmouth-based mum influencer star, Casey Major-Bunce, shares with Wellbeing News some fun and cost-effective Easter hacks loved by Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon

After starting her account during lockdown, Casey began to share hacks in October 2022 and rose to over 20K in just 8 weeks with mums flocking to try out her hacks and seasonal tips and tricks –

Now, Casey is heralded ‘an inspiration’ and ‘a genius’ by other mums, as she pushes forward on her mission to help and inspire other mums with her cost-effective fun hacks, tips and tricks via the power of social media…

Sheep Cup Cake Hack – you don’t have to bake!

• You will need: Shop brought plane cupcakes, Buttercream icing, Edible eyes and edible glue (most superstores sell them), White Mini marshmallow, Chocolate mini eggs and Smarties.
• Using a spoon or a knife pop the buttercream on top of each cupcake. It doesn’t need to be too thick, around a table spoon per cup cake.
• Start adding your mini marshmallows on the cupcake. I like working from the centre down, creating lots of lines and then fill any gaps with some more marshmallows.
• Cut your egg in half and add it to the front of your cupcake then place in the fridge for 10 minutes.
• With some edible glue or icing, place the edible eyes and break a smarty in half for the ears and create a face.

Fun Egg Box Snack Idea

Fill an egg box with plastic eggs and pop some snacks in each egg. My kids love this and it and it’s really good for children trying new and different things.

Make Easter Jars

Just use an old jar – remove the label; the best method I find is pouring boiling water. It removes the glue and the label at the same time, although you could also use a hairdryer.

  • Spray paint the lid. You could even use nail varnish if you don’t have any spray paint.
  • Pop some shredded paper at the bottom and fill it with some mini chocolate eggs, pop in a Maltese bunny in the middle and add some ribbon and you’re done!
  • A great Easter gift! Here is a video –

Easter cone party favours

Favours for a party can always work out mega expensive, so I came up with a hack and each bag cost less than 50p. Using some cellophane bags or cellophane, place the ice cream cone inside. Add a few sweets and a couple of chocolate eggs, top with a bow, and you have a really cute favour to give the kids at an Easter party.

Fair Game

To make Easter egg hunts a little fairer, give each child a different colour plaster egg and tell them they can only collect their colour.

  • You don’t always have to fill plastic eggs with chocolate. On an Easter egg hunt, you could pop in nail polish, lip gloss, hair ties, bracelets, Barbie clothes, and even fill them with play dough…

Easter Donut Nests

  • Buy some plain ring doughnuts and use a spare one to fill up each hole make a circle with edible glue or icing and start to fill it with crushed Flake. You could also use Oreo biscuits crushed.
  • Add some chocolate eggs to the top or even Jellybeans and you’ve made an egg nest.
  • Here is a video –

Rabbit Cake Hack

  • Buy a simple cake mix packet and mix and bake cake according to the packet you are using – I personally use Betty Crocker, so I mix and then grease the same size circular pans and let the cake cool.
  • Cut the cake into three amounts; you need two ears and a bow tie (as seen in pic)
  • Place the round cake in the middle, the bow tie at the bottom of the cake, and the ears at the top and start frosting with your icing.
  • Now it’s time to decorate your cake. We used some chocolate buttons for the eyes, added some sprinkles to the ears, used some laces for the whiskers, and a marshmallow for the nose.

Bunny Bum Pancakes

I love making fun breakfasts for the kids, and there’s nothing more easier than getting some shop brought pancakes. Using one for the bunny bum cut circular shapes out for two feet, adding a strawberry to each foot, some raisins for the toes, and some cream for the tail.

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