Dry January: Health & Finances are Top Reasons for Brits to Stop Drinking for the month

A study by Forbes Advisor has found the main reasons why Brits will be taking part in Dry January in 2024, with improving one’s physical health (46%) and saving money (46%) being the most popular reasons, ahead of a personal desire for change (27%) and mental health concerns (20%).

Financial reasons to quit drinking for a month come as no surprise, as many people experienced a higher cost of living in 2023, despite inflation figures trending down in the last few months.

In the case of alcohol, close to two-thirds (61%) of Brits say that drinking regularly is no longer affordable. This feeling is even stronger among those aged 18-24, where over three quarters (78%) agree with the sentiment.

Perhaps as a result, one in five (20%) people have already made an attempt to completely stop drinking, and over four in 10 (43%) have tried to cut down in some way. As far as 2023 is concerned, nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits claim to not drink at all anymore, and over a fifth (22%) said they were successful in cutting down their booze intake.

Dry January has established itself as the most prominent period of alcohol abstinence, with almost a third of Brits (31%) having taken part in previous years.

Kevin Pratt, life insurance expert at Forbes Advisor, commented: “Brits decide in their droves to counter the indulgences of the festive season with a seasonal detox – it’s fast becoming a widespread tradition, with no shortage of people saying ‘I’m doing Dry January this year’ as they raise their glass of lime & soda.

“Putting the brakes on boozing can bring many and varied benefits, aligning with other health-oriented New Year resolutions and easing the pressure on personal finances during what always feels like the longest month of the year.

“Not everyone makes it through to the end of January, of course, and some resume their drinking behaviour as soon as February arrives, but anything which gives us pause to reassess our relationship with alcohol has to be a good thing.”

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