Do You Know Your Skin’s pH? How To Restore The Balance

One of the most important factors in your skin’s health is the pH balance. Your skin’s pH can range from the low, which is acidic to the high, which is alkaline.

When the balance is off, you can end up with acne, or dry skin or even worse skin conditions that can be uncomfortable – however, not many people know what their skin pH is and how it is affecting their skin care routine.

Everybody has bacteria on their skin but the pH is responsible for keeping it from growing. If your skin has too high or even too low it can cause the good bacteria to die and the bad bacteria to take over.

In this article, I will go over several ways to restore your skin’s natural balance so you can take good care of it.


How to know the pH balance is off

If your skin is prone to being very oily, then this is one sign that it is not as healthy as it should be. Your pores naturally send oil to the skin to keep it protected, but too much and it is greasy and then prone to acne when it blocks the pores.

On the other hand, if your skin is very dry and sensitive then again, this is a sign of an imbalance. Your skin should have some oil there to protect it and if skin becomes too dry, then it lacks that protection.


How to restore the pH balance

The best way to get your skin back on track is to treat it with the right regimen of products – but which kind depends on the type of imbalance and the problems your skin is having.

For instance, if your skin is oily and you are dealing with acne, then it makes sense to use some essential oils. You’ll need something that can kill the bacteria and restore the balance to your skin by using a tea tree oil mixed with a carrier oil. Rosemary oil is also very good and more mild than the tea tree oil which isn’t recommended for sensitive skin. If you want some already mixed and ready to go then check out Kumi Oils for suggestions.

When you have high pH and your skin is very dry then you need to add some moisture and lock it there. The best thing to use is a cream with hyaluronic acid. This is an all natural acid that gently cleanses the skin and then adds tons of moisture.

Once you have your skin restored through skin treatments, it’s time to tackle the problem from the inside.

Make sure you are eating the right kinds of food that will keep your skin naturally balanced. Avoid foods with a lot of preservatives and artificial colors and other synthetic ingredients. Make sure to eat things like sweet potato and leafy greens like spinach.


Avoid overwashing

You may think you are helping your skin by keeping it clean but you could actually be overwashing and destroying your skin’s natural flora.

Make sure that you wash your face in the morning and then again at night and that’s it. You may want to touch up your face with product if you feel it is getting too oily or too dry but use the right products.





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