Can vaping be a way out of smoking altogether?

No-one can claim not to know or understand the dangers of smoking, and yet many people still continue to do it despite the increasing number of restrictions that smokers are now subject to.

That is because the combination of the nicotine addiction and the compulsive habit can be difficult to quit. Vaping is now seen as the ideal way to stop smoking without much of the hardship that it has traditionally involved.

So, is vaping the solution to quitting smoking?

How do vapes work?

An e-cigarette or vape is a device that still allows you to inhale nicotine vapour. This continues to feed the smokers nicotine habit, but as it does not burn tobacco, there is no harmful tar or carbon monoxide involved.

Nicotine is not what causes the diseases which are linked to smoking, and so it is fine for vapers to continue to inhale this without the other more dangerous factors. The vapes heat a liquid which contains nicotine and flavourings and this produces a vapour that can be inhaled.

Initially, they used to look like replica cigarettes, but these days they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. There are disposable and rechargeable options and have varying degrees of power to meet the needs of every type of vaper.

Lighter smokers tend to prefer pen or pod systems, whilst heavier smokers can prefer mods that allow for a different style of vaping. These vapes are tightly regulated for safety and quality.

Kicking the habit

The reason that a vape can be so effective in quitting smoking is because it does not deprive the vaper of nicotine. This is the thing that most smokers find so hard to give up, and so by still feeding that habit, they feel less like they are fighting the addiction.

To comment on the subject, Darren Ware, Managing Director of Snazzy Vapes, said, “Many smokers also struggle to find something to do with their hands or feel the need to smoke at particular times for day, for example, after dinner. By vaping, this allows the smoker to continue with their habits without any of the harmful associations.”

The liquids used in vaping have different strengths of nicotine, which can be useful for accommodating all types of smokers. It can also allow vapers to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that they are inhaling should they wish to.

Studies have shown that vaping can make smokers twice as likely to succeed in stopping smoking than those who use other types of nicotine replacement products. When you consider that smoking kills one in two regular users, this can make a massive difference to the outcomes associated with the habit.


The vape liquids that are on sale usually come in a variety of flavours, which has made them much more fun for smokers to enjoy. Whether it something, fruity, minty or sweet, there is a flavour to suit everyone and make the whole process more palatable.

The scents that the vapes produce are much more pleasant than cigarette smoke and do not linger in the same way, which has served to make them much more socially acceptable in public spaces. Some mod vapes can also allow vapers to choose the size of the cloud that they produce.

Whilst more people will tolerate vaping, it is important to remember that some places will still have restrictions on where you can vape, particularly in the workplace.

Whilst there are some very tiny risks from vaping, these are a fraction of the risks associated with smoking. They can be an amazing tool in stopping smoking which work for a variety of people and can potentially save many, many lives each year.

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